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Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial: Aquaman 2 spoilers flood the internet after court hearing

Amber Heard earlier claimed in Court that her role in the upcoming Aquaman sequel was 'pared down' due to the hearing in the defamation case. Now, some details of how it happened have also surfaced. 

Written by: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: May 24, 2022 15:53 IST
Hollywood movie Aquaman 2

Jason Momoa and Amber Heard star in Aquaman 2


  • Amber Heard's role in Aquaman 2 may be cut down after the first act as per witness testimony
  • Heard and Depp's professional lives have taken a serious hit since their divorce in 2016
  • Heard plays the role of Mera in Aquaman 2 opposite lead star Jason Momoa

The ongoing Johhny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial is navigating past the deeply rooted personal issues of the once wedded celebrity couple before they divorced in 2016. A series of allegations and counter-allegations between the former husband and wife have been making headlines for some years now and as the latest series of hearings continues in Fairfax, Virginia court, all eyes are on the day-to-day development of the high-profile case. 

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Professional and personal lives take centre stage in Court

Apart from the personal lives of Depp and Heard, their professional lives have been much-talked-about during the trial. Depp has claimed since the start that Heard's accusations of domestic abuse led him to be an outcast in Hollywood. After allegations surfaced, Depp was let off the hook by Disney from the Pirates of The Carribbean franchise and Warner Bros fired him from the Fantastic Beasts franchise. This has also resulted in heavy monetary losses for Depp. Meanwhile, Heard has claimed that her role in Aquaman 2 was 'pared down' during the entire controversy involving Depp. However, she is still very much part of the Aquaman sequel, titled Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom.

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What do we know of Aquaman 2?

Until now, the storyline of Aquaman sequel has been kept under the wraps. However, the latest hearing has revealed some spoilers about the upcoming movie. Some details regarding the first half of the upcoming film are found mentioned in Heard’s witness Kathryn Arnold's testimony. Arnold revealed in Court, "I believe that in the first act of the movie, she was injured somehow, or it had something to do with a baby," Arnold said in her testimony referring to Heard's character Mera in the Aquaman series.

She went on to add, "(Mera) ends up in the hospital early in this new Aquaman 2 movie and doesn't really come out until the end to kind of wrap things up. All the interactions with Momoa's character, and certainly the action scenes, were taken out." Arnold said all the mentioned information about the Aquaman movie was based on what heard told her.

Arnold also testified that Heard cannot find work in major studio projects because of the volume of online vitriol she continues to face.

What does this mean for the Aquaman sequel?  

As per the comics, Aquaman and Mera get married and are blessed with a son, who they name Arthur Curry Jr. But, in the first film, the couple has not tied the knot yet on the big screen. While Heard seems to be involved with the sequel's first act, according to these quotes, the movie's core runtime may not include much of her. It seems like, her scenes getting chopped off is a result of Warner Bros taking an action against her as the trail continues. But whether or not this will actually happen, will be revealed in the coming time. 





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