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Ind vs Eng Test: Vijay-Dhoni duo lead India to 259/4 at stumps Day 1

New Delhi: It's been M Vijay's day, unbeaten on 122 - his first hundred away from home. India will be pretty happy with their position, especially after the wobble after lunch when Pujara and Kohli

India TV Sports Desk India TV Sports Desk Updated on: July 10, 2014 9:21 IST

New Delhi: It's been M Vijay's day, unbeaten on 122 - his first hundred away from home. India will be pretty happy with their position, especially after the wobble after lunch when Pujara and Kohli went quickly. England, though, have held their own with some hard-working pace bowling.

Earlier, India recovered to post 117 at after  it lost two quick wicket immediately afters lunch, thanks to Murali Vijay who played a marathon inning to remain unbeaten on 92 in the 1st test against England.

Anderson took his second wicket when he had Pujara caught at short mid on. Broad complimented  by removing Virat kohli who could score just one run.

Rahane is with Murali Vijay. he is on 32
Earlier, India won the toss and chose to bat first against England in the 1st of five test match series here Wednesday.

Stuart binny makes it in to the eleven. Rohit Sharma, Ashwin and Gautam Gambhir have been left out.

Team from:

India Team
M Vijay, S Dhawan, CA Pujara, V Kohli, AM Rahane, RA Jadeja, MS Dhoni*†, STR Binny, B Kumar, I Sharma, Mohammed Shami.

England Team
AN Cook*, SD Robson, GS Ballance, IR Bell, JE Root, MM Ali, MJ Prior†, BA Stokes, SCJ Broad, LE Plunkett, JM Anderson

Here is live reporting

Stumps Day 1.

10:47 PM: India 259/4 after 90 overs

One run off the last over of the day

Dhoni spars at it and the edge runs down to third man to take him to a very confident half-century.

Plunkett to bowl the 90th over

10:42 PM: India 258/4 after 89 overs

Dhoni nudges into the leg side for a single and moves to 49

Ben Stokes comes into the attack and Dhoni faces him

10:37 PM: India 257/4 after 88 overs

This time he gets too straight and is flicked out to deep square for a single.

Dhoni worked Anderson into the leg side towards deep square for 2 runs.

10:33 PM: India 254/4 after 87 overs

Dhoni takes a single towards mid on

Dhoni facing Stuart Broad

10:28 PM: India 253/4 after 86 overs

Only one run conceded by Anderson in that over

Dhoni pushes towards the deeper of the cover fielders for a quick single

Dhoni shuffles across and defends to the leg side

10:23 PM: India 252/4 after 85 overs

Broad bowls maiden over to Murali Vijay

10:20 PM: India 252/4 after 84 overs

Dhoni went hard at it with a square drive and it was out of the reach of a leaping backward point for two runs.

Anderson to Dhoni

10:14 PM: India 250/4 after 83 overs

250 up for India in 82.2 overs

Dhoni gets right across outside off and works a length delivery to long leg who has just reinforced the leg side from cover for a single.

there's some intent from Dhoni who walks at delivery, gets himself outside off stump, and drives to mid-off . No run!

Stuart Broad shares the new ball with Anderson.

10:10 PM: India 249/4 after 82 overs

Anderson bowls another maiden over

The new ball has been taken. Anderson has it. Will start with two slips and Vijay on strike.

10:05 PM: India 249/4 after 81 overs

Dhoni has driven it straight of Broad at mid-off for FOUR!

Joe Root comes to bowl

There won't be new ball for now

10:02 PM: India 243/4 after 80 overs

Dhoni and Vijay are playing on 35 and 121 respectively.

He drives Plunkett on the up square through the off side for a boundary.

Vijay flicked it off his pads for a couple.

9:58 PM: India 237/4 after 79 overs

Vijay punches Ali through the mid wicket for FOUR!

9:55 PM: India 230/4 after 78 overs

Plunkett shifts to over the wicket for Vijay

Plunkett to Dhoni, he takes a single over backward of square

9:50 PM: India 228/4 after 77 overs

This time Vijay goes big! a couple of steps down the pitch and he lofts Moeen straight down the ground over long-off for SIX!

Ali to Vijay

Dhoni uses his crease nicely to get a shorter delivery away square into the off side for three runs.

Ali to Dhoni

9:46 PM: India 219/4 after 76 overs

Vijay keeps it back of a length, this time outside off, punched off the back foot straight of mid-off for a couple.

Liam Plunkett returns and Murali Vijay is on strike

9:41 PM: 6 runs off that over and India are 217/4 after 75 overs

He is round the wicket with a slip in place.

Moeen Ali to bowl to Dhoni

Time for drinks and the new ball is six overs away

9:35 PM: India 211/4 after 74 overs

Anderson bowls a maiden over to Vijay

9:32 PM: India 211/4 after 73 overs

Dhoni doesn't move his feet but throws his bat at that, gets a thick outside edge to third man boundary.

Dhoni shuffles across the stumps and whips the full delivery wide of midwicket for a quick single

Dhoni facing Ben Stokes

9:25 PM: India 205/4 after 72 overs

A maiden over!

Anderson is really keeping it tight for Vijay.

Anderson to Murali Vijay

9:22 PM: India 205/4 after 71 overs

He conceded only one run this over.

Ben Stokes is bowling to Dhoni

9:17 PM: India 204/4 after 70 overs

Dhoni goes again! This time it is fuller. He crouches down and steers it fine on the off side.

India completes their 200 in 69.1 overs

Dhoni punches Anderson's overpitched delivery to extra cover gap for FOUR!

9:14 PM: India 196/4 after 69 overs

Dhoni takes a single. he is on 10.

Murali clipped Stokes to deep backward square leg for a single.

Murali completes his century with a cheeky single

09:07PM : India 188/4 after 67 overs

Dhoni take a single off Stokes, gives strike to Murali

09:03PM : India 187/4 after 66 overs

Murali will remain on 99, will have to wait for next over

Murali finding it difficult to score that one run for his century

Plunkett to Murali

Dhoni takes three runs, Murali on strike

Murali is on 99. He is at the non striker end

08:59PM : India 184/4 after 65 overs

Murali drives, FOUR, reaches 99

08:54PM : India 180/4 after 64 overs

With a single Murali reaches 95

Plunkett bowling to Murali

08:51PM : India 179/4 after 63 overs

Murali pushes Broad for a single

Murali is on 93

Broad to Murali

08:47PM : India 178/4 after 62 overs

Dhoni tries to pull Plunkett, no run

Plunkett to Dhoni

08:43PM : India 178/4 after 61 overs

Broad bowling to Murali

Dhoni joins Murali

Rahane was caught by Cook off Plunkett, made 32 runs

India 178/4 after 60 overs

Rahane out

Tea break

08:15PM : India 177/3 after 59 overs

Rahane  cuts Moeen, three runs

Moeen Ali bowling, it might me a last over before tea

08:13PM : India 171/3 after 58 overs

Plunkett bowling to Murali who is on 90

08:09PM : India 171/3 after 57 overs

08:06PM : India 167/3 after 56 overs

08:00PM : India 166/3 after 55 overs

Moeen Ali to continue

07:59PM : India 163/3 after 54 overs

Murali again takes advantage of vacant third man, FOUR

07:54PM : India 155/3 after 53 overs

Rahane sweeps, four

Rahane cuts, two runs

Moeen, off spinner, brought back in to the attack

07:51PM : India 147/3 after 52 overs

Murali Vijay is on 80

07:47PM : India 146/3 after 51 overs

Murali cuts, FOUR

Murali cover drives Plunkett for FOUR

Plunkett bowling to Murali

07:43PM : India 138/3 after 50 overs

Rahane has faced 51 deliveries for his 14 runs

Murali back foot tap earns him three runs

07:39PM : India 135/3 after 49 overs

07:34PM : India 133/3 after 48 overs

Rahane pushes on off side for a single

Stokes bowls short, out side off, no run

Stokes bowling to Rahane

Stokes replaces Broad

07:31PM : India 132/3 after 47 overs

Murali pushes on on side for 2 runs

Flowing off drive by Murali off Plunkett goes for FOUR

Plunkett to continue

07:27PM : India 126/3 after 46 overs

Rahane goes on back foot to defend Broad

Murali plays off his pads to get a single

Broad bowling from the pavallion end

07:23PM : India 125/3 after 45 overs

Plunkett consistently bowling out side the off stump

Murali takes a quick single to reach 61(129)

Plunkett to Murali

Drinks break

07:16PM : India 124/3 after 44 overs

07:11PM : India 120/3 after 43 overs

Appeal for LBW but ball took the edge of the bat

Stokes to Murali, short of length, no run

07:07PM : India 120/3 after 42 overs

Bouncer followed by a slower one

A well directed bouncer by Anderson to Rahane

07:03PM : India 120/3 after 41 overs

Appeal for caught behind, turned down by the Umpire

Stokes bowling better in his second spell

Stokes bowling to Murali

06:59PM : India 120/3 after 40 overs

Anderson dragged Rahane forward  but concedes FOUR

Murali on 60, Rahane on 4

Anderson getting movements in the air too

Anderson continuing from one end

06:55PM : India 115/3 after 39 overs

Stokes given the ball

06:51PM : India 115/3 after 38 overs

Anderson has taken two wickets for 45 runs

06:47PM : India 115/3 after 37 overs

Rahane straight drives Broad for FOUR

Rahane has faced nine balls but yet to open his acoount

Broad bowling to Rahane with three slips in place

06:43PM : India 111/3 after 36 overs

Murali flicks Anderson for FOUR

India have lost two wickets after lunch adding just one run

06:39PM : India 107/3 after 35 overs

India is on back foot now

Rahane edges Broad but ball falls short of slip fielder

06:35PM : India 107/3 after 34 overs

After fall of two quick wickets even a well settled batsman Murali looking tentative

Anderson beats Murali out side the off, almost took an edge...

Anderson and Broad are now getting the ball talk

06:31PM : India 107/3 after 33

Ajinkya Rahane joins Murali

Kohli edged Broad to second slip, made just 1 run

India 107/3


Its a testing time for Kohli after losing Pujara unexpectedly

Broad bowling to kohli

Anderson is now able to reverse swing the ball

06:25PM : India 107/2 after 32 overs

Kohli opens his account with a single

Virat Kohli joins Murali

India 106/2

Pujara OUT, caught at short mid-on by Bell off Anderson

06:20PM : India 106/1 after 31 overs

Broad bowling to Murali

Play about to resume after lunch

India 106/1 at Lunch

Last over being bowled before Lunch

05:32PM : India 105/1 after 29 overs

Broad tries a shirt pitched delivery on Murali but he lets it go

05:29PM : India 104/1 after 28 overs

Pujara defends Plunkett's delivery with abody, umpire signals no run

05:26PM : india 104/1 after 27 overs

Broad starts his second over with a maiden over

Broad back in to the attack

05:21PM : India 104/1 after 26 overs

Pujara pushes Plunett through the off side for FOUR

Pujara hits a boundary off Plunkett towards thirdman

Plunkett to Pujara, 2 runs

05:16PM : India 94/1 after 25 overs

Moeen to continue

05:13PM : India 91/1 after 24 overs

With another front foot drive Murali completes his half century

05:10PM : India 83/1 after 23 overs

Full tossed ball, dispatched for FOUR by Pujara

Spinner Moeen Ali brought in

05:05PM : India 79/1 after 22 overs

English bowlers are not getting any swing and wasim Akram suggests they should try using the pitch or something else

05:02PM : India 77/1 after 21 overs

Murali pushes Plunkett for a single

Murali Vijay almost played on in the previous over

Murali's backfoot drives yields FOUR runs for India, he reaches 47

Moeen's first two flighted delivery to Pujara, no run

Pujara on the front foot, drives Stokes for FOUR through covers

04:58PM : India 71/1 after 20 overs

Pujara turns Stokes for a single

Pujara flashes and FOUR

04:54PM : India 66/1 after 19 0vers

Plunkett bowling round the wicket

04:50PM : India 65/1 after 18 overs

04:PM : India 63/1 after 17 overs

Murali hits Plunkett's full tossed ball for a FOUR 

Plunkett to bowl his second over

04:43PM : India 58/1 after 16 overs

Murali steals a single, reaches 35

Murali on drives Stokes for FOUR

Stokes is keeping both the Indian batsmen quite

Ben Stokes to Murali

Play resumes after drinks break

04:36PM : India 53/1 after 15 overs. Drinks break

Murali on 30(37) and Pujara on 10(27)

Liam Plunkett given the ball

04:33PM : India 53/1 after 14 overs

04:29PM : India 51/1 after 13 overs

Pujara plays an uppish shot off  Anderson, goes over the slip for FOUR

04:26PM : India 47/1 after 12 overs

Murali Vijay has hit seven boundaries so far, six of them through slip courdon.

Ben Stokes brought in to the attack, replacing Broad

04:21PM : India 46/1 after 11 overs

Murali hits Anderson for FOUR on the up through the covers

04:18PM : India 42/1 after 10 overs

Pujara flicks Broad for FOUR

Murali is looking solid. He is on 15 with six FOURS

04:13PM : India 38/1 after 9 overs

Commentators are surprised to see England starting with a flat track which is full of runs

04:09PM : India 34/1 after 8 overs

Pujara joins Murali after fall of Dhawan who made 12 runs

04:04PM : India 33/1

Dhawan OUT, caught by wicketkeeper

Anderson teases Dhawan out side the off stump but Dhawan restrains himself

More runs for Dhawan through on side

Murali steals a single off Anderson, reaches 21

03:58PM : India 30/0 after six overs

Dhawan's gentle pusthrough cover earns him two runs

03:54PM : India 26/0 after five overs

Murali again finds thick edge and gets a boundary

Anderson beats Murali out side the off stump

Once  again Murali finds third man area for FOUR

Murali on 12, Dhawan on 6

03:50PM : India 18/0 after 4 overs

Broad tries a short pitched delivery but Dhawan lets it go

Dhawan leans forward to defend broad good length ball

03:46PM : India 18/0 after 3 overs

Dhawan pushes Anderson on on side for three runs

Again Dhawan on front foot and again a solid defense

Dhawan goes on front foot for a solid defense.

Dhawan tucked away Anderson for 2 runs

03:41PM : India 13/0 after 2 overs

Broad tempting Murali out side the off stump

Shikhar Dhawan gently pushes the ball towards short cover and gets a single

Chris Broad to start second over

03:36 PM: India 12/0 after 1 over

Murali hits another FOUR with on drive

Murali tried to leave out going ball but it took a thick edge and went for FOUR through slip

James Anderson first two balls swing away from Murali

Game is about to begin. Murali Vijay would take the strike. Dhawan is non striker end

The pitch - looks good for batting. It has a smattering of dry grass. Only first two hours to worry about. The experts say it's a bat first pitch.

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