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what is cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency ban in india, cryptocurrency bill

What is Cryptocurrency? All you need to know

Business | Nov 26, 2021, 02:32 PM IST

Cryptocurrencies are basically digital assets. It is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.

mutual funds

Easy tips to protect Mutual Funds portfolio in volatile and downturn market

Nov 08, 2021, 10:56 AM IST

Indian Mutual Funds market AUM has recently crossed over Rs 36 lakh crore. Average Assets Under Management (AAUM) of the Indian Mutual Fund Industry for the month of August 2021 stood at Rs 36,09,471 crore. Here are a few tips to protect Mutual Funds portfolios in the downturn and volatile market.

bank loan management tips

Confused about taking a loan? Tips on easy loan management

Nov 09, 2021, 10:18 AM IST

While technology has revolutionised how loans are disbursed, the principles of judicious borrowing have not.

loan against mutual fund

Tata Capital launches ‘Loan Against Mutual Funds’

Business | Nov 08, 2021, 10:56 AM IST

Tata Capital’s digital loan offering is provided against a wide range of equity and debt schemes across mutual funds.

real estate investment

Can real estate investment be a profitable bet?

Business | Sep 14, 2021, 01:30 PM IST

The real estate sector is divided into four sub-sectors -- housing, retail, hospitality and commercial. It is the second-highest employment generator, after agrarian. 

new peak margin

SEBI's new peak margin rules for traders to come into effect from September 1: What changes

Aug 31, 2021, 03:01 PM IST

SEBI Margin Rules: SEBI had introduced the new peak margin regulation a year ago for day traders. It is being implemented in a phased manner.


Early Diwali for employees of THIS Online lender: 40 times bonus, BMW bikes, Apple products

Business | Aug 28, 2021, 10:45 AM IST

Biz2Credit is offering 40 times bonus, BMW bikes, cash rewards to its employees.

A couple poses for a picture after getting inoculated with

India's vaccination drive makes rapid strides, 70% people to get at least one dose by November

India | Aug 13, 2021, 04:23 PM IST

According to an SBI report, 43 per cent of the eligible population in India stands vaccinated against Covid-19 with the first dose and 12 per cent with the second dose.

cibil score check online free, credit score check free

Low CIBIL worrying you? Here's how to improve your Credit score

Aug 26, 2021, 07:38 AM IST

CIBIL Score, Credit Score Check: CIBIL is a summary of an individual's credit history, reflecting the person's credit profile. The score allows banks or lenders to filter and act on the loan applications.

sbi gold loan interest rate

SBI Gold Loan: Apply for gold loan via SBI YONO app to get 0.75% discount on interest rate

Aug 06, 2021, 11:15 PM IST

SBI Gold Loan Interest Rate, SBI YONO Gold Loan Offer: SBI said that customers can now apply for a gold loan through the SBI YONO app

fd highest interest rate, fd interest rate 2021

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate 2021: 10 private banks offering highest FD returns

Jul 30, 2021, 07:32 PM IST

FD Interest Rate 2021, Fixed Deposit Highest Interest Rate: A Fixed Deposit account is an account where an investor deposits money for a specified period and the interest rate does not fluctuate.

electric cars stocks in india , EV stocks, EV company shares

Electric Vehicle industry set to witness boom in India: 10 attractive stocks to watch out for

Jul 30, 2021, 07:30 PM IST

EV Stocks List, Electric Cars Stocks in India: It is advisable to play the EV trend by buying the partnership in the companies involved in the supply chain. It could be a company doing business in making lithium batteries, charging stations, related parts, and more.

neo bank

What is Neobank? All you need to know

Jul 20, 2021, 12:29 PM IST

A neobank is basically a digital bank without any physical branches. It is entirely online without being present at any specific location.

kyc fraud

How to protect from KYC fraud and why CKYC is important

Jul 12, 2021, 02:25 PM IST

Know Your Customer (KYC) or Know Your Client is a process where customers give verified information to the banks or any other financial institution for identification.

Sector Mutual Funds

Sector Mutual Funds: Who should invest and why

Jul 05, 2021, 09:31 AM IST

Sectoral mutual funds allow investors to participate in best-performing stocks in the specified sector like energy, infrastructure, technology, banking, healthcare and more.  

How to manage finances during pandemic: Best tips and tricks

How to manage finances during pandemic: Best tips and tricks

Jun 11, 2021, 06:54 PM IST

Like most of our everyday stress, even the stress related to money management can be effectively dealt with. There are healthy strategies available that can help in managing finances as well as wellbeing.

sbi kavach loan

Kavach Personal Loan: SBI launches collateral-free loan scheme for Covid-19 patients

Business | Jun 11, 2021, 06:05 PM IST

SBI's Kavach Personal Loan will be part of the Covid loan book being created by banks as per the Reserve Bank of India's Covid relief measures.

dividend stocks on india

Should a retail investor go for stocks with high dividends? Best options

Jun 09, 2021, 02:42 PM IST

Dividend Stocks in India: Dividend is the portion of the profit that companies distribute to their shareholders from time to time. It is considered as an important factor while making investment decisions.

kolhapur news

How Kolhapur model is aiding Mumbai to deal with Covid spurt, winning praise

India | Jun 05, 2021, 05:19 PM IST

The Kolhapur district administration along with Manorama Infosolutions has developed a communicable disease management solution (CDMS) to tackle the Covid crisis.

ITC Dividend 2021, ITC dividend record date

ITC Dividend: Board approves Final Dividend of Rs 5.75 per share; Check record date

Jun 02, 2021, 05:09 PM IST

ITC Dividend 2021: ITC Limited has declared a final dividend of Rs 5.75 per share. The company has fixed June 11 as the record date.