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Dulha skydives to join baraatis straight at the wedding venue

Check out the video of the groom making a smashing hawai entry.

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New Delhi Published on: November 28, 2019 15:02 IST
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Akash Yadav got married to Gaganpreet Singh

Wedding seasons are the most celebrated season of India. It is more appropriate to say that Indians are obsessed with weddings, rituals and the entire dhoom dhadaka that follows. Couples make effort to add interesting elements to their wedding preparations and rituals. From destination weddings to grand entries of bride and groom, wedding business is really huge. Recently, a groom made hawai entry at his wedding leaving everyone surprised.

Akash Yadav, who got married to Gaganpreet Singh, chose to dive from an aircraft to his wedding venue in Mexico's Los Cabos. Guests down at the ground cheered for Akash as he took the sky-way.

The video has been shared by WedMeGood on Instagram. In the video, you can also see guests trying to spot the groom.

The viral video has so far received 10, 850 likes.

Yadav was initially supposed to make a smashing entry to the wedding venue on a boat with his friends and family. However, due to legal reasons, he couldn't do so. Then, the groom chose the sky.

"I smiled and looked at my planners and said 'if I can’t come by sea then I’ll come by sky'. They laughed and when it quieted down, I said, 'No, I'm serious'. And the rest is history," the groom was quoted by IndianExpress.com.


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