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Swiggy praises delivery agent's professionalism in viral video with Taapsee Pannu

A video of a Swiggy delivery agent calmly going about his job despite being in close proximity to Bollywood actor Taapsee Pannu has taken the internet by storm. His professionalism and dedication have earned him praise from netizens.

Edited By: Vaidehi Jahagirdar Mumbai Updated on: May 20, 2024 17:54 IST
Internet praised the Swiggy delivery agent for his
Image Source : VIDEO SCREENGRAB Internet praised the Swiggy delivery agent for his professional behaviour

A Swiggy delivery agent has recently become the talk of the town on the internet after a video of him walking past Bollywood actor Taapsee Pannu went viral. But wait, that's not the reason behind his sudden fame.

If you watch the 22-second video posted online, you'll understand why the internet showered praise on the delivery guy. Despite being in close proximity to the star, he didn't get distracted or star-struck; instead, he dedicatedly continued with his job.

In the video, the Swiggy representative can be seen entering a building where paparazzi were already present to capture the celebrity. They asked him to move away from the frame, and although momentarily confused, the agent glanced at the photographers before proceeding into the building. At the same time, Taapsee Pannu exited the building and headed towards her car. Notably, both the delivery agent and the actress did not look at each other, with Ms. Pannu looking down intently.

The internet reacted with praise for the Swiggy delivery agent's professional behavior. Many users lauded his dedication to his job, with some even calling for Swiggy to reward him for his commitment.

Reacting to the video, internet user Divya Gandotra Tandon wrote, "Hey @Swiggy, this delivery partner deserves an incentive for his dedication!"

Another user demanded Swiggy to give him a good incentive for doing his job without distraction and with full dedication.

"Ignore your problems in life like this Swiggy delivery guy ignores media shouting and Taapsee Pannu," another user wrote.

Meanwhile, Swiggy also reacted to the now-viral video and said, "Unbothered. Moisturized. Happy. In My Lane. Focused. Flourishing."


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