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  4. Ukraine goat triggers boobytrap injuring 40 Russian soldiers, netizens call it 'GOAT'

Ukraine goat triggers boobytrap injuring 40 Russian soldiers, netizens call it 'GOAT'

The 'Goat of Kyiv' triggered a boobytrap that led to a chain of reactions and explosions injuring the Russian soldiers in varying degrees. 

Written by: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: June 26, 2022 21:45 IST

Image representing 'Goat of Kyiv' 

A Ukraine goat is being hailed on social media after it triggered a boobytrap which led to a chain of explosions injuring as many as 40 Russian soldiers. The Ukrainians have been receiving praise from all around the world for trying to put off the Russian offensive which has been going on for close to four months now. May Ukraine locals have taken up arms so that the motherland is protected. Now, the goat has become the centre of attraction for 'hurting' the Russians. 

The Goat of Kyiv does the trick 

The 'Goat of Kyiv' has been at the receiving end of praise as it triggered a boobytrap meant to cripple the Ukrainians. Inadvertently, it ended up hurting the Russian soldiers. Now just one or two, the goat is believed to have caused injuries to as many as 40 Russian soldiers by its actions. 

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How the goat injured the Russains


The report of Ukraine's goat's heroics has been going viral on social media. The story goes, Russian soldiers were setting up the trap around a hospital in Zaporizhzhia, a city in south-east Ukraine. However, their plans were foiled by a pesky goat whose 'chaotic movements' triggered the trap. Ukraine's Chief Intelligence Directorate said Russian soldiers had pinned grenades in a 'circular defence' around the edge of a local hospital. However, soon after the trap was laid down, the goat – who had escaped from the village of Kinski Rozdory – set off one of the grenades and caused a chain reaction of explosions. Defence Intelligence stated: "As a result of the goat’s ‘chaotic’ movements, the animal ‘disposed of’ several grenades. As a result of a chain reaction, several (Russians) sustained injuries of varying degrees of severity."

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Netizens hail the GOAT

Social media is all praise for the goat which ended up injuring the Russian soldiers who have been capturing Ukraine's major regions throughout the war. Reacting to the story, one of the Instagram users wrote, "The goat is the GOAT (sic)." Another one said, "Not all heroes wear capes... some wear horns (sic)."



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