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McDonald's China launches coriander ice-cream sundae; Here's how Twitter is reacting

McDonald's China's experiment with coriander in a dessert is not new. Last year in April, the sandwich chain Subway had also released a coriander cookie. Check out how people who have tried this limited-edition coriander sundae are reacting on social media platforms.

Written by: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: February 23, 2022 21:44 IST
Limited-edition coriander sundae

Limited-edition coriander sundae 

Continuing the trend of unique food items, McDonald's China has launched a distinct ice cream flavour on their menu. The limited new coriander or cilantro ice-cream sundae has taken the internet by storm. A Twitter user, Daniel Ahmad, created a stir on social media after he shared a picture of this new introduction by McDonald's China. “Mcdonald's China launched a Cilantro Sundae special menu item today, which is interesting,” Ahmad's post said.

Take a look:

The picture showed a McDonald's cup with vanilla ice cream topped with green coriander sauce and coriander leaves. The official website of McDonald's China mentions that the creative coriander ice-cream sundae is available at the price of 6.6 Yuan at their stores. They have also stated that it will be served in a limited quantity and on a first-come, first-serve basis that will be valid till stocks last.

India Tv - McDonald's China green coriander ice cream

Image Source : MCDONALDS.COM

The picture showed a cup of vanilla ice cream topped with green coriander sauce.

The ice-cream flavour has left the internet divided as some foodies seem to like the new flavour while some cannot just accept a coriander seasoning on their ice cream. One of them said that he has tried the limited-edition coriander sundae and he liked it. Another said, "My worst nightmare - coriander ice cream. Apparently, a cafe in China smothers everything in coriander."

Take a look at how the users are reacting on Twitter:

This is not the first time, a food chain has experimented with coriander in a dessert. Last year in April, Subway had also released a new coriander cookie. 



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