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  • NASA-SDO-India TV

    See Photo! Amazing picture of 'lunar transit' taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory

    World | August 05, 2016 14:12 IST

    NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has taken some stunning pictures of the lunar transit when the moon appeared to move between the spacecraft and the sun on August 2, 2016. The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)

  • yemen s new government critical for transition eu

    Yemen's new government critical for transition: EU

    World | November 09, 2014 8:58 IST

    Brussels: Formation of a new government in Yemen is a critical step in efforts for transition, the EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, has said."The announcement of the formation of a new and inclusive government

  • us urges peaceful transition of power in burkina faso

    US urges peaceful transition of power in Burkina Faso

    World | November 01, 2014 8:33 IST

    Washington: The US on Friday called for a "peaceful" transition of power in Burkina Faso, but refused to label the military's take-over as a coup."We underscored our commitment to peaceful transitions of power, through democratic

  • bangladesh allows transit of foodgrain to northeast india

    Bangladesh allows transit of foodgrain to northeast India

    India | June 12, 2014 17:10 IST

    Agartala: In a highly significant move that was evidently cleared at the highest level, Bangladesh is allowing India to ferry foodgrain to the landlocked northeastern states using its territory and infrastructure."To begin with, the Bangladesh

  • russia ukraine agree on normal gas transit until may end

    Russia, Ukraine agree on normal gas transit until May end

    May 03, 2014 20:47 IST

    Warsaw: EU energy commissioner, energy ministers from Russia and Ukraine agreed that gas transit to Ukraine would not suffer in any way until the end of May.EU's Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger, Russia's Energy Minister Alexander

  • teesta gets transit bail in case of usurping funds

    Teesta gets transit bail in case of usurping funds

    India | January 31, 2014 19:24 IST

    Mumbai: The Bombay High Court today granted transit anticipatory bail to social activist Teesta Setalvad and her husband Javed Anand on a complaint lodged against them in Ahmedabad for alleged embezzlement of funds.Justice Mridula Bhatkar

  • support afghan led peace process address transit issue india

    Support Afghan-led peace process, address transit issue:India

    India | January 17, 2014 15:49 IST

    New Delhi: Strongly backing the Afghan-led peace process, India today called for a cautious approach to bring peace to Afghanistan, saying execution of any initiative with “inadequate preparation” could be “dangerous” for the war-ravaged country.Foreign

  • kashmir court grants transit remand of sen to kolkata police

    Kashmir court grants transit remand of Sen to Kolkata police

    India | April 24, 2013 14:59 IST

    Srinagar, Apr 24: A local court in Kashmir today granted four-day transit remand of chitfund scam accused Sudipto Sen and two others to Kolkata police.  Sen, chairman of Saradha group which is accused of defrauding

  • rajeev khandelwal brought transition for tv actors hussain

    Rajeev Khandelwal brought transition for TV actors: Hussain Kuwajerwala

    Bollywood | April 14, 2013 10:52 IST

    Mumbai, April 14: Actor Hussain Kuwajerwala, who is set for his Bollywood debut with "Shree", says it was Rajeev Khandelwal's successful move from the small to the big screen, which brought in a transition for

  • new york allows turbans for sikh muslim transit employees

    New York allows turbans for Sikh, Muslim transit employees

    World | May 31, 2012 13:06 IST

    New York, May 31: Muslim and Sikh employees of New York's transit system will now be able to wear their turbans without attaching a government agency logo to them, in a major legal victory after

  • us britain committed to 2014 transition plan on afghanistan

    US, Britain Committed To 2014 Transition Plan On Afghanistan

    World | March 15, 2012 10:58 IST

    Washington, Mar 15: US and Britan on Wednesday underlined their commitment to a transition plan agreed among NATO partners despite a number of bloody incidents involving American troops in recent weeks.US President Barack Obama told

  • syria opposition charts transition as blood flows

    Syria Opposition Charts Transition As Blood Flows

    World | January 01, 2012 9:53 IST

    Damascus, Jan 1: Syria's opposition, hoping to topple President Bashar al-Assad, has charted a transitional period, as more civilians died in a regime crackdown despite the presence of peace monitors.Meanwhile the rebel Free Syrian Army

  • bhanwari devi case cbi may bring malkhan singh to delhi

    Bhanwari Devi Case : CBI May Bring Malkhan Singh To Delhi

    India | December 21, 2011 22:03 IST

    Jodhpur, Dec 21: CBI may take Congress MLA Malkhan Singh Vishnoi, arrested in Bhanwari Devi abduction case, to Delhi for further questioning as the agency has been granted his transit remand.The agency has taken transit

  • india extends support to transitional council of libya

    India Extends Support To Transitional Council of Libya

    World | September 17, 2011 12:09 IST

    New Delhi, Sept 17: India today said it supports the Transitional National Council (TNC) of Libya and expressed willingness to extend all possible assistance to the Libyan people in their political transition, rebuilding and reconstruction

  • 2 western photojournalists killed in libya

    2 Western Photojournalists Killed In Libya

    World | April 21, 2011 12:40 IST

    Misrata (Libya) Apr 21: Two Western photojournalists, including an Oscar-nominated film director, have been killed in the besieged city of Misrata while covering battles between rebels and Libyan government forces. Two others working alongside them

  • libya s opposition rejects au truce plan

    Libya's Opposition Rejects AU Truce Plan

    World | April 12, 2011 9:34 IST

    Tripoli, Apr 11 : Libya's opposition Transitional National Council today rejected a peace plan proposed by the African Union mediators, saying longtime ruler Muammar Gaddafi must accept their demand to relinquish power before any talks.“This

  • libyan rebels fear loses after nato attack error

    Libyan Rebels Fear Loses After NATO Attack Error

    World | April 08, 2011 17:34 IST

    Ajdabiya, Apr 8: Rebel fighters sent scouts Friday toward the contested oil port of Brega to seek clues on whether pro-government forces took advantage of a mistaken NATO airstrike that pounded opposition tanks and sent

  • rebels slam nato for slowdown in strikes

    Rebels Slam NATO For Slowdown In Strikes

    World | April 06, 2011 21:04 IST

    Tripoli/Washington, Apr 6: Angry rebels today deprecated NATO for “slackening” the pace of its military campaign which faced fresh challenges with Muammar Gaddafi's troops changing tactics by using human shields to thwart air strikes.NATO officials

  • gaddafi s former minister forming transitional government

    Gaddafi's Former Minister Forming Transitional Government

    World | February 27, 2011 20:54 IST

    Cairo, Feb 27: Libya's former justice minister announced he was forming a "transitional government" to replace Gaddafi's crumbling regime, which now controls only some western areas around the capital and a few long-time bastions in

  • mubarak loyalist becomes egypt s transition leader

    Mubarak Loyalist Becomes Egypt's Transition Leader

    World | February 16, 2011 11:56 IST

    CAIRO, 16 Feb : A U.S. diplomatic cable reported that the defense minister was known as "Mubarak's poodle," a derisive reference to his unswerving loyalty to the former authoritarian president.Yet huge crowds of Egyptians who

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