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Transit of Mercury in Pisces: Favourable for Aries and Capricorn, Know about other zodiac signs

Transit of Mercury in Pisces: Gemini needs to be careful about their health, especially skin diseases and stomach-related problems. Not only this, Gemini will spend more money on clothes, jewelry, and other luxury items. Scroll down to know about about the effect on your zodiac sign.

Reported By : Chirag Bejan Daruwalla Edited By : Aseem Sharma
New Delhi
Published on: April 07, 2024 7:00 IST
Image Source : INDIA TV Transit of Mercury in Pisces

Mercury is called the 'prince' of the planets. These are smaller than all the planets in size. They are considered to be the factors of intelligence and knowledge. With his blessings, people get many benefits in life. With the strengthening of Mercury in the horoscope, people's understanding and thinking power becomes much better. Due to its effect, you perform well in your job, business, and trade. According to astrologers, whenever the planet Mercury transits, it impacts all the 12 zodiac signs in some form or the other. With this transit, the stars of life of some zodiac signs are going to rise. They will be successful in whatever work they start. Let us know from Astrologer Chirag Bejan Daruwalla which are those zodiac signs.


The transit of Mercury in Pisces will bring positive results for the people of Aries. With the transit of Mercury in the fourth house of your zodiac sign, you are likely to get vehicles and property. Apart from this, there is also a possibility of getting benefits from ancestral property. People involved in real estate, property, or land-related ventures can expect significant financial gains during this period.


The transit of Mercury is going to bring a lot of benefits for businessmen. During this transit, they will get a chance to earn a lot of money. You will be successful in expanding your business due to your hard work and the influence of Mercury. Your financial side will be strong. The working class will get full support from their senior colleagues.


Mercury in transit will strengthen the economic aspect. There is hope of getting back the money given for many days. You will be able to handle even a worsening situation with the help of your speech skills. There will be more expenditure on clothes, jewelry, and other luxury items. The family atmosphere will remain pleasant due to the arrival of a new guest. Marriage-related talks will also be successful. Be careful about health, especially skin diseases and stomach-related problems.


The transit of Mercury in Pisces indicates lucky times ahead for Cancer people. Many aspects of your life will be positively affected. First, your self-confidence will increase, enabling you to tackle challenges and achieve your goals with conviction. Apart from this, this movement of planets will increase your social prestige. In the workplace, you will have to face favorable circumstances to advance your career.


Transiting Buddha will make you face excessive hustle and bustle and expenses. You may also receive a notice from a government department, so be very careful in transaction matters. There is a possibility of getting good news from friends and relatives. If you want to apply for a visa etc. then the influence of the planets will be very favorable from that point of view also. If students are trying to study abroad then this coincidence will be pleasant for them also.


During the transit, Mercury will make you face many unexpected ups and downs. Their transit in this house cannot be called good, hence there is a need to be very careful regarding health. Avoid reactions to medicines, and do not let bitterness come into married life. Avoid doing any kind of joint business during this period and check the terms and conditions thoroughly while signing any contract.


The transit of Mercury is bringing many changes in your life. You can change your job and go to a new place, which will benefit you in both money and position. You may also get a promotion with a good increment in your old job. This will be a golden time for businessmen doing import-export business. You will be successful in creating harmony between your work and personal life.


During the transit, Mercury will not only increase your luck but will also increase your interest in religion and spirituality. If you want to see your loved one, that is also possible, you will spend more on travel and charity. The decisions and actions taken by you will be appreciated. There will be opportunities for auspicious work in the family. The atmosphere will become more pleasant with the arrival of new guests. Do not let differences of opinion grow with younger brothers in the family.


With the transit of Mercury, you will be successful in earning a good amount of money. All your wishes will be fulfilled and you will be satisfied with your career. You may get a chance to work abroad. There is a possibility of your salary increasing, which will create an atmosphere of happiness in the family. Your health will be good. You may be successful in taking your love relationship forward.


This transit of Mercury is going to be favorable for your personal life. You will be successful in maintaining internal energy. Some auspicious events may take place at your home. People who are not married yet can also get married. You can also earn good money through trading. During this period you can try your hand at various professions. Many positive changes may be seen in your personal life.


This zodiac change is going to have a direct impact on you. You will meet new people and establish good friendships with them. You will have a sense of determination and your health will also support you. Your understanding and coordination with your spouse will be excellent. There is a strong possibility of getting money from uncertain sources, which will increase the happiness of the family.


The transit effect of Mercury cannot be said to be very good. Health will be adversely affected, if you lend more money to someone in the middle of this period then you will not get that money on time. Be cautious of secret enemies and it would be wise to settle court-related matters outside. You will benefit from traveling abroad. Efforts made for service in foreign companies or for citizenship will also be successful.


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