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Transit of Sun in Aries: Chances of promotion for Aries, Know about other zodiac signs

Transit of Sun in Aries: This transit will prove to be a turning point for Aries. On the other hand, people with Gemini zodiac sign needs to stay away from fights and settle court-related matters outside. Scroll down to know about about the effect on your zodiac sign.

Reported By : Chirag Bejan Daruwalla Edited By : Aseem Sharma
New Delhi
Published on: April 06, 2024 5:00 IST
Image Source : INDIA TV Transit of Sun in Aries

According to astrology, the Sun changes its zodiac sign every month and this event is called Surya Sankranti. This time the Sun will enter Aries, owned by the Moon, on April 13. It is being told that the movement of the fire element planet Sun into the water element zodiac sign Aries is considered to be a big change. After this change, while major changes can be seen in the weather, bad times can also begin for these 4 zodiac signs. These zodiac signs may face challenges in all matters including career and money. Let us know from Astrologer Chirag Bejan Daruwalla which are the zodiac signs for whom this transit is going to be auspicious.


The transit of the Sun in Aries will prove to be a turning point for the natives. The lord of Aries is Mars. This transit will bring good news in the lives of Aries people and there will be more chances of promotion. Due to this, people working in the government sector also get additional promotions, and the chances of getting a higher position in a private job are also higher. During this period, performance in studies will also improve and there is a good chance of getting good results.


The effect of Sun Transit is like a boon for you. Courage and bravery will increase, and decisions taken and work done will also be appreciated. Social prestige will also increase. If you work by making full use of your energy, you will be more successful. Do not let differences of opinion grow with younger brothers in the family. Interest in religious, social, and spiritual work will increase. You may get success in your efforts for service or citizenship in foreign companies.


Due to the influence of the Sun during transit, you will have to be careful about your health, especially eye-related disorders. Control your stubbornness and anger. Stay away from fights and settle court-related matters outside. Matters related to ancestral property or real estate will be resolved. Avoid becoming a victim of any conspiracy at the workplace. It would be better to complete the work and come straight home. Avoid making the family environment stressful.


As the Sun transits into Aries, people's times will gradually improve as the Sun is the lord of the second house in your zodiac sign. Due to the movement of the planet, people of this zodiac sign will get auspicious results and health-related problems will also remain under control. This removes problems in marriage and also gives positive results in business. People will get new opportunities to change their existing jobs and will expect proper salaries from promotions in their jobs. This transit will reduce bitterness in married life.


Sun is the lord of your zodiac sign, but during its transit in Aries, it will be situated in your twelfth house, hence people living abroad or doing business related to foreign countries can benefit from the Sun. However, the health of Leo zodiac people may deteriorate during this period. During this period, you should avoid eating outside food and have a balanced diet. Yoga meditation will also prove beneficial for you at this time. If any member of your family is already ill then he also needs to take special care. Employed people will have to avoid spending the accumulated money. If you do business then do not take any decision in haste at this time, otherwise loss may occur.


The transit of the Sun in Aries will give you good results. Your financial challenges will be resolved and you will see financial benefits. Your influence will become stronger among some very influential people of the society and administration. You may get some big benefits from the government sector. If you work in the private sector, your position may increase. This transit may increase some tension in love relationships, so you should keep your ego aside and give importance to your love. Students will get opportunities to make good progress in the field of education. You will be seen making more efforts regarding studies. In terms of health, you will have to pay some attention during this transit.


For Libra people, this will affect their career prospects and the possibility of a salary increase will be positive. The transit of the Sun brings great benefits to the natives and helps people in taking their businesses to new heights. This also helps the natives to increase their reputation and complete tasks with confidence. There is a possibility of improvement in relations with family. There is also a possibility of purchasing a new vehicle and it will be easier to deal with disputes.


Due to the effect of Sun's transit, you will get success in many ways. Luck will increase and interest in religion and spirituality will also increase. If you want to make a new contract then the planetary transit is favourable. Will participate actively in religious institutions and will also do charity. You will easily overcome adverse situations with the help of your bravery. Keep plans and strategies confidential until they are completed.


The influence of the Sun will be unpredictable during the transit. Matters related to land, property, or ancestral property will be resolved. There will be an increase in respect and position, but health will be adversely affected. Avoid reacting with fire, poison, and medicines. People will not hold back from plotting against you. Avoid becoming a victim of conspiracy even at the workplace. Resolve disputes and court-related matters outside.


The transit of the Sun can create problems in marital matters. Do not let differences increase even with in-laws. Planetary transit will be good from a business point of view. There are indications that decisions in disputes and court-related matters will be in your favor. Trained work will be completed in central or state government departments.


The effect of Sun Transit is no less than a boon for you, but be careful in some matters. There will be progress in work and the decisions taken and work done will also be appreciated. Boys and girls participating in the competition will have to work harder to get good marks in the examination. Love-related matters will be indifferent, hence it would be wise to focus on business. Concerns related to children may also bother you.


The transit of the Sun will bring many unexpected results. Not only will there be spiritual progress, but respect in society will also increase. Sources of income will increase and money given for many days is also expected to be returned. There is also a possibility of getting support from senior family members and elder brothers. The responsibilities of children will be fulfilled. There is also a possibility of having a child for the newly married couple. Despite all this, love-related matters will be indifferent.


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