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financial crisis

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  • 5 Realistic Tips to Deal with the Unanticipated and

    5 Realistic Tips to Deal with the Unanticipated and Unfortunate

    Business | February 26, 2018 18:31 IST

    Financial problems are like ebb and flow which comes in every person’s life at some point. When such moments occur, you realize the need of making changes in your life which is often very stressful.

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    8 ways to prepare for a personal finance crisis

    Business | January 08, 2018 12:26 IST

    Here we will talk about the easiest and most effective ways to prepare for a financial emergency-

  • eggs

    Facing financial crisis, ISIS is selling chickens and eggs in Libya: Report

    World | May 04, 2016 0:05 IST

    Cairo: Cash-strapped Islamic State terror group has taken to selling chickens and eggs in the streets of Libya's Sirte at a "very cheap price" in an apparent sign of its deepening financial woes, according to

  • greece becomes first developed country to default on imf

    Greece becomes first developed country to default on IMF

    July 01, 2015 14:17 IST

    Washington: Greece slipped deeper into its financial abyss after the bailout programme it has relied on for five years expired at midnight on Tuesday and the country failed to repay a loan to the International

  • no financial crisis in gita press

    No financial crisis in Gita Press

    India | February 09, 2015 22:57 IST

    Varanasi: The famous Gorakhpur-based publication house, Gita Press, today scoffed “rumours” that it was on the verge of shut down and cautioned people against giving donations to any person or entity on its name.  “Rumours

  • oecd economic crisis hits trust in governments

    OECD: Economic crisis hits trust in governments

    November 05, 2013 21:11 IST

    Brussels: The financial crisis of the past few years has severely sapped confidence in government around the globe, a think-tank representing the world's wealthiest economies said Tuesday.“In countries most hit by the crisis, the people

  • crisis hit greece will get a euro 2012 boost

    Crisis-hit Greece will get a Euro 2012 boost

    Soccer | June 06, 2012 21:43 IST

    Poland, Jun 6 :  With the financial crisis causing a surge in unemployment and poverty, Greece's national football team is looking to provide some respite from the problems back home.Greek football association president Sofoklis Pilavios

  • greek protesters clash with police

    Greek Protesters Clash With Police

    World | November 18, 2011 13:19 IST

    Athens, Nov 18: Masked youths clashed with riot police outside Greece's parliament and the US embassy on Thursday as thousands of austerity-weary Greeks marched through Athens in an annual commemoration of a bloody student uprising