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Telangana elections: Rahul Gandhi announces Rs 4,000 monthly package for women

Telangana is likely to witness a triangular contest with BRS, Congress and BJP exerting their full might in the upcoming Assembly elections.

Reported By : Vijai Laxmi Edited By : Arushi Jaiswal
Updated on: November 02, 2023 12:06 IST
Rahul Gandhi, Congress, Telangana
Image Source : PTI Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Telangana Assembly Elections:  Announcing about Rs 4,000 monthly package for the women of Telangana, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday (November 2) said that his party’s government will ensure to refund every penny to the people of the state that Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao 'looted' from them if Congress is voted to power in the November 30 assembly polls.

Telangana will go to Assembly polls on November 30 and the results will be declared on December 3.

Addressing ‘Mahilla Sadassu’, a gathering of women at Ambatipalli village near Medigadda (Laxmi) barrage of the Kaleshwaram project, Rahul Gandhi said he wanted to personally visit the place which is the symbol and centre of the corruption resorted to by the Chief Minister KCR and his family.

Rahul Gandhi on Kaleshwaram project 

Endorsing the ‘BRS ATM’ the name given to the Kaleshwaram project by the Congress workers, for about Rs 1 lakh crores embezzled by the KCR family Government, Gandhi said, this should be specifically named as the “KCR ATM” and “KCR Family ATM”.

Referring to the loss of Rs 1 lakh crores in the project, he said, every family of Telangana state will now need to repay Rs 31,500 every year till 2040, to keep this “ATM” of the KCR family running. However, he assured the people of Telangana that the Congress party would refund and transfer every penny that KCR stole from them into their bank accounts.

Rs 4,000 per month for women

Announcing a special monthly package of Rs 4,000 for Telangana women, Gandhi said, that since they are the backbone of the state and take care of the future, they will be directly getting Rs 2,500 every month in their accounts. 

Apart from this, the Congress leader said that if his party is voted to power, they will get the gas cylinder, which is selling for Rs 1,000 across the country, for Rs 500 in Telangana. "The women will be entitled to free bus travel across the state. Women can save about Rs 1,000 every month on their bus travel. With all these, you will benefit from Rs 4,000 every month once the Congress government is formed in the state. This is called Parajala sarkar (people's government)

The Congress leader also clarified to the people that it was not just a fight between the Congress and the BRS, but a fight between the Congress on one side and the BRS, the BJP and the AIMIM together on the other side. He said the three parties the BRS, BJP and AIMIM were all together in fighting against the Congress. The grand old party leader urged people to ensure that they voted for the Congress to defeat this combine.

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