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Lamborghini worth Rs 1 crore torched in Hyderabad over financial dispute | WATCH

A Lamborghini worth Rs 1 crore was set ablaze in Hyderabad amidst financial disputes. The owner intended to sell the vehicle, but it ended up being torched by individuals allegedly retaliating against the owner over monetary disagreements.

Edited By: Nitin Kumar @Niitz1 Hyderabad Updated on: April 16, 2024 10:44 IST
Image Source : X/@GEMSOFKCR Lamborghini worth Rs. 1 crore torched in Hyderabad over a financial dispute.

An old but opulent Lamborghini worth approximately Rs 1 crore became the centre of attention in Hyderabad after it was set ablaze on a road amidst financial disputes. The incident, which unfolded on Mamidipalli Road on the outskirts of Hyderabad, involved individuals allegedly acting in retaliation against the car’s owner over monetary disagreements.

Circumstances leading to the incident

The owner of the 2009 model Lamborghini had expressed intentions to sell the vehicle and had enlisted the help of acquaintances to find a potential buyer. However, matters took a drastic turn when the primary accused, known to one of the owner’s friends, orchestrated the burning of the car on April 13.

Viral video sparks attention

A video capturing the fiery ordeal swiftly made rounds on social media platforms, depicting the yellow-hued luxury car engulfed in flames. The footage further amplified public interest in the incident, drawing attention to the underlying financial dispute.

Legal ramifications

Prompted by a complaint lodged by the individual tasked with transporting the car, authorities have initiated legal proceedings. A case under Section 435 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), pertaining to mischief by fire or explosive substance with intent to cause damage, has been registered in connection with the incident.

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