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Inbase Urban Fit S Smartwatch: 10 Pointer Review

We reviewed Inbase Urban Fit S smartwatch which was launched a couple of months back. This wearable looks very much similar to the Apple's Watch and is decent in performance. The smartwatch comes with a battery life of a week and comes with great call quality.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: October 02, 2022 15:13 IST
Inbase Urban Fit S
Image Source : INBASE Inbase Urban Fit S

The Smartwatch market has taken a huge leap over the past few severable of national and international companies have been trying their best to deliver wearable technology which could work ideally for everything, with a tap on the wrist. Recently we got our hands on theUrban Fit S smartwatch from home-grounded brand Inbase. The brand launched a smartwatch which looks very much similar to the Apple Watch. Here is our quick 10-pointer review to let you know if you could get your hands on the smartwatch.

Looks and Feel: This watch is very much similar to the Apple Watch in appearance. The smartwatch has been designed to give a premium look, and certainly, some people did ask me if this is an Apple Watch. The watch has a square-shaped 1.3-inch IPS LCD screen with a Zinc Alloy casing and features a flat display. On the right edge, the watch features a button along with a crown and it has a speaker vent on the left edge of the dial. The crown will enable you to scroll through the menu and enable you to change the watch face accordingly. Also, you can manage the volume accordingly from the same crown. it indeed gives a very fine and premium look. One of the very well-designed smartwatches from Inbase to date.

India Tv - Inbase Urban Fit S

Image Source : INBASE Inbase Urban Fit S

Features and Performance: The smartwatch comes with a set of Fitness apps to keep the health tracked every time. The Urban Fit S smartwatch comes with the Urban Health Suit which has features like a Heart Rate monitor, Sleep monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, and Blood Oxygen monitor. For women, the smartwatch comes with a menstrual cycle tracking feature with the cycle reminder app. Users can also set reminders for Hydration alerts to have water after a set of intervals and Sedentary- which will remind you to make a move after being seated for a long time.

Calling Feature: The main feature is the built-in calling feature in the smartwatch. Urban Fit S smartwatch comes with an inbuilt microphone and a speaker to let you take calls hands-free. Also, the smartwatch shows the call log and there is even a dial pad which will enable you to make a call directly from the smartwatch itself- without any need for your smartphone. By syncing with the mobile app, you can sync the selected contacts in the smartwatch. 

Call Quality: Indeed the quality of calls was good in the indoor conditions. The microphone was able to deliver clear voice quality and the speaker was loud enough. But taking calls from the outdoors was troublesome- a lot of ambience noise did create trouble n listening in the outdoor conditions. 

India Tv - Inbase Urban Fit S

Image Source : INBASE Inbase Urban Fit S

Storage capacity: The Urban Fit S smartwatch comes with a 120MB storage capacity to store some messages or contacts. It was workable in situations, where users could save the required data.

Mobile App: Urban Fit S could be synced with the ‘Da Fit’ app from Inbase which enables the user to control and track various features on their handset- like Watch faces, customise notifications, set alarms, use of camera shutter from the smartwatch, reminders for various activity and more. The app is could show activities on the home screen- like the step count, heart rate data, sleep tracking, blood pressure and blood oxygen record.

You can also set notifications and alerts, add contacts, and alerts, enable auto heart rate monitoring, set drink water reminders, enable camera shutter, add a location for weather details, set alarms, and more. 

App Accuracy: The smartwatch comes nearly accurate witseveralof features. I tracked and tallied the performance with the Noise smartwatch with Urban Fit S, where there was a little fluctuation on the Inbase smartwatch. Though the heart rate and step count had some variation, the rest of the other features look ok to me. 

Battery: The smartwatch comes with a 250mAh battery which could deliver up to 10 days of standby battery life and 5 days of life with the calling feature enabled. Also, depending on how much we use the smartwatch, defines the life of the smartwatch. My watch lasted for a week time, and I used it for calling, tracking steps, monitoring my heart rate and even checking my notifications from Instagram, and WhatsApp. I wore it during my sleep and tracked my sleep pattern. It looked nearly fine to me. The smartwatch comes with a magnetic charging dock which could be plugged into a USB port easily.

Pricing and availability: Urban Fit S smartwatch is available at Rs 4,989 on the Amazon India store (at the time of writing), and Rs 5749 on Flipkart (at the time of writing) but is showing out of stock. Though the pricing of the smartwatch is on the higher side and we think, that the Inbase smartwatch is going to face some strict competition with already established brands like boAt, noise, and more which are offering call-enabled smartwatches under the price tag of Rs 4,000. But if you are looking for a smartwatch which looks similar to the Apple Watch, and your budget is constrained- then Urban Fit S smartwatch could be a perfect bid. 

Verdict: Overall, Inbase Urban Fit S smartwatch is a good-looking smartwatch with a premium look, and is a good performer on the connectivity front. It is available on Amazon and Flipkart along with the official website of the company as well. But it is certainly going to face a lot of challenges when we come to pricing and performance. Brands like boAt, Noise, Pebble, Just Corseca, and Fastrack are a few to name, who are already in the market with similar specs. But still, if you want a smartwatch which looks very similar to the Apple Watch then urban Fit 2 is a perfect fit. 


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