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Is your job at risk? You are scared of being replaced of AI? Check the list

A recent survey by reveals that around 50% of US companies that implemented OpenAI's ChatGPT have replaced workers with AI. While the creators of the chatbot assert that there is still a place for humans in the workforce.

India TV Tech Desk Edited By: India TV Tech Desk New Delhi Published on: March 17, 2023 20:00 IST
Is your job at risk
Image Source : FREEPIK Is your job at risk of being replaced by AI? Check out this list

A recent survey conducted by has revealed that around half of US companies that implemented ChatGPT have replaced workers with AI.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a generative chatbot, has gained massive popularity in the tech industry for its ability to provide human-like responses to prompts and instructions. Despite being created to assist and benefit humans, concerns have been raised about the possibility of AI replacing human jobs. 

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The fear of AI replacing human jobs is not limited to the US alone, as employees across industries around the world are apprehensive about their job security. The situation is further compounded by the recent launch of the advanced version of ChatGPT, GPT-4. While OpenAI maintains that the chatbot is built for humans and cannot replace them, a Twitter user, Prashanth Rangaswamy, asked GPT-4 to name 20 jobs it could potentially replace, leading to a shocking response.

GPT-4 revealed that it has the potential to replace jobs such as customer service representative, data entry clerk,  proofreader, paralegal,  translator, bookkeeper,  appointment scheduler, copywriter, technical support analyst, market research analyst, social media manager, virtual assistant, transcriptionist, news reporter,  tutor, travel agent, recruiter, email marketer, content moderator, and telemarketer.

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The chatbot also identified human traits that it could replace in these jobs, such as persuasion and communication, speed and accuracy, communication and empathy, attention to detail, research and organization, interviewing, mathematical skills,  troubleshooting and problem-solving,  language proficiency, creativity and writing, content creation and curation, time management, analytical skills,  listening and typing skills, fact-checking and writing, planning and coordination, knowledge and teaching, writing and targeting, assessment, critical thinking and judgment, and multitasking and organization.

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The emergence of AI has raised questions about the role of humans in the workforce, with some like Twitter CEO Elon Musk expressing concerns about the need to accelerate work on projects like Neuralink. Despite the fears, the chatbot’s creators assert that there is still a place for humans in the workforce, as AI cannot replace them entirely.

Tests have shown that while ChatGPT can provide logical answers and help with prompts, it still cannot replace its creators. In some cases, the AI has even provided below-average responses. Thus, it is necessary to make use of AI rather than let it use humans. The emergence of AI is inevitable, but it is important to remember that it is developed to assist humans and not replace them entirely.

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