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Fake ChatGPT apps are stealing data and must be deleted immediately: Here is the list

Since ChatGPT started making waves in the global markets, hackers got another chance to make their look. In the recent scam, hackers have uploaded fake applications which have been stealing user data and are suggested to be deleted immediately.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: February 08, 2023 17:09 IST
Image Source : FREEPIK Hackers stealing data faking ChatGPT

AI has allowed chatbots to become much more popular in just a few months. ChatGPT has been in the news because of its unique and secure chatbot which has gained a lot of popularity over just a few months. But as we know, with great developments, come malicious intended developers who are just a step away from hacking your data.

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Since ChatGPT started to gain numbers and popularity, several hackers have started to misuse their talent and take advantage of the popularity of OpenAi’s popular platform. It was reported by sources, there have been several fake apps were spotted in the Apple App store and Google Play store

How the hackers are faking ChatGPT?

As per the sources, hackers have uploaded several fake copies which are named very similar to ChatGPT. Available in the App Store as well as Google Play Store, these malicious applications are available at a cost- which is considerably expensive (as per the report of Tom’s Guide).

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 How are these fake apps harmful?

These malicious applications have been developed to take advantage of users by robbing them financially- pretending to be an original chatbot from OpenAI (which many people must not be aware of). But, the real danger lies in the possibility of a hacker who is using fake apps to steal data from the one who has downloaded the platform.

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 List of fake apps which should be deleted immediately

Here are some fake apps which have been designed and developed- and updated on the App Store and Google Play Store. 

The below apps were listed in the story by Giz China, which highlighted the threat of the fake GPT apps, which should be deleted immediately, to save our data. The list of Fake GPT Apps was found in an article published in Tom's Guide. Here is the list below: 

Google Play Store (Android): 

  1. AI Chat Companion 
  2. ChatGPT 3: ChatGPT AI 
  3. ChatGPT AI Writing Assistant 
  4. Open Chat - AI Chatbot App 
  5. Talk GPT - Talk to ChatGPT 

iOS (Apple): 

  1. Alfred - Chat with GPT 3 
  2. Chat AI: Personal AI Assistant 
  3. Genie - GPT AI Assistant 
  4. Open Chat - AI Chatbot 
  5. TalkGPT - Talk to ChatGPT 
  6. Wisdom AI - Your AI Assistant 
  7. Write For Me GPT AI Assistant 



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