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Windows 7 support ending tomorrow: Here’s what it means

Microsoft will soon end Windows 7 support, starting tomorrow, that is, January 14, 2020. Find out what will happen next.

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New Delhi Updated on: January 13, 2020 11:26 IST
Windows 7 support to end in January 2020

Windows 7 support to end in January 2020

For all Microsoft Windows 7 users, here’s some news! Microsoft will officially end support for its 10-year old Windows 7 operating system starting tomorrow, that is January 14. Read on to know what will happen next:

Windows 7 to die tomorrow

As per a recent official blog post, Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS won’t be available for use, starting January 14, 2020. Following this, Microsoft will start displaying a full-screen warning for users who will be still using Windows 7 from January 15, 2020.
The warning will tell users of the risks of using Windows 7 and will stay on the display until users don’t do something about. It will continue to pop up on users’ screen until they upgrade to Windows 10.
The full-screen notification will appear on the following versions of the Windows 7 Service Pack 1:
• Starter
• Home Basic
• Home Premium
• Professional 
One thing worth noting is that if users have purchased the Extended Security Update (ESU) of the Windows 7 Professional version, the notification won’t be displayed. The Windows 7 Extended Security Update will be available to enterprise customers through January 2023. It will be sold on a per-device basis and its price will increase every year. Additionally. Domain-joined machines and machines in KIOSK mode won’t get the warning.

It is further suggested that people using Windows 7 are most likely to face security issues if they continue using the operating system as hackers can easily exploit the OS's technical issues. Hence, it's best to update to it if you are still using Windows 7.
As a reminder, users can upgrade to Windows 10 by purchasing its full version. While some users claim to be getting a free version, Microsoft has made it clear that it isn't available for free.
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