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7 WhatsApp tricks you might not know about

Some of the interesting Whatsapp tricks and features you probably didn't know about.

Suhail Sattar Written by: Suhail Sattar New Delhi Updated on: May 09, 2019 15:36 IST
7 WhatsApp tricks you might not know about

7 WhatsApp tricks you might not know about

WhatsApp messaging service that almost bought down the SMS text message space, including services like BBM that stopped appealing to people, WhatsApp rules the messaging service space. Although there are other messaging services around, but not all come with the same kind of features that others do.

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Following are 7 WhatsApp features you may not know about

1 Block WhatsApp contacts: There could be a lot of reasons as to why one might be willing to block a contact on WhatsApp. Blocking a contact will enable the user not to receive any messages or calls from him. Contact can be blocked on both iOS and Android by going to Chats, followed with Specific chat. Now the user will be required to tap on the contact subject at the top, followed with scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on Block contact.

2 Stoping images and videos from appearing in the gallery: Everyone likes sharing images and videos on WhatsApp and one might not want to have these images and videos entering the phone's gallery. In Android devices, a gallery gets created by default in the smartphones, while on iOS, the images and videos get saved in the camera roll. To get rid of this on iOS, simply go to Settings, followed with Chat and Toggle off Save to Camera Roll, while on Android: go to settings, followed with Chats and Toggle off Show Media in Gallery.

3 How to view and download WhatsApp data report: In order to view and download data report in iOS and Android, simply go to Settings, followed with Account and Request Account Info and Request Report.

4 Turning text to Bold, Italic and Strikethrough: There are times when some words need more emphasis while texting. WhatsApp allows users to make words and sentences in bold, italic and strikethrough. The feature works on both iOS and Android. To make a word bold one is required to put an asterisk on either side (*bold*). For italic, one is required to put underscore on either side of the word (_italic_) and to strikethrough, one needs to add tildes to either side (~strikethrough~).

5 How to pin chat on the top: In case you are forgetful and happen to have a habit of forgetting simply pin a chat that will appear on the top of the chat. To do this on iOS go to Chat, followed with Swipe left to right and Pin Chat. On Android simply Long press chat, followed with Pressing the pin at the top of the screen.

6 How to Mute chat or group chats: Messages on group chat can be irritating and the notification sound can honestly make things awkward. To kill the notification sound without having to leave the chat, the following are some steps you can do on iOS. Go to Chat, followed with Open group chat, then Tap the subject to get Group Info/Contact Info screen, then Mute with the time duration, for how long you want it to happen. On Android, go to Chat, followed with Open chat, then Menu Button and Mute.

7 Back up your chat: To ensure you don't lose any of your chats, make sure you backup all the data to iCloud or Google Drive. This can be done on both iOS and Android. Simply go to Settings, followed with Chat, then Chat Backup and Back Up Now.

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