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How to optimize your smartphone for games like PUBG Mobile India, FAUG

Games like PUBG Mobile India and FAUG are launching soon and here's how you can optimize your smartphone before they arrive.

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New Delhi Published on: December 04, 2020 20:09 IST
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Here's how you can optimize your smartphone for gaming.

Now that PUBG Mobile India and FAUG are gearing up to launch in India, it is advised that mobile gamers keep their phones ready for the heavy downloads. With the two battle royale games launching soon, mobile gamers will spend even more time on their smartphones. 

However, most smartphone users don’t realize that they can get a better gaming experience by using the various built-in optimizations in the operating system added by smartphone brands like OnePlus, Oppo, Asus and more.

Gaming has always been one of the performance drivers for smartphone brands. This is why almost all major smartphone brands now offer dedicated gaming modes on their devices. OnePlus offers Game Space on Oxygen OS, Vivo offers Ultra Game Mode in Fun Touch OS, Samsung has a Game Launcher, MIUI by Xiaomi has Game Turbo, while ColorOS by Oppo has a Hyper Boost for gaming. Users can enable these gaming modes on their smartphones to boost performance and smoother frame rates during a game. 

Apart from the dedicated gaming modes for improving performance, smartphone brands also offer control of calls and notifications. This is helpful during gaming as your ongoing game session does not get interrupted by incoming calls or notifications from various apps. On a few smartphones, you can choose to have the incoming calls appear as a small pop-up notification that does not disturb your game while allowing you the option to receive the call in the background. 

Out of the various smartphone OS available, ColorOS 11 goes a step further than the competition by offering an Immersive Mode which blocks incoming calls, limits notifications from all apps and even turns off onscreen gestures to give the user a seamless experience.

A few smartphone brands also understand how important is a smooth network connection for multiplayer gaming. To ensure the user enjoys smooth gaming, there is a network optimization feature offered on the smartphone. OnePlus calls it Network enhancements, while ColorOS by Oppo has network acceleration for stable network connectivity and speed.  

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As games evolved, smartphone brands optimized their phone’s operating system to offer the best possible performance. The latest ColorOS 11 by Oppo comes with resource scheduling, integration and optimization that improve the system efficiency by 45% and for gaming an improvement in frame rate stability by 17%. Similarly, other smartphone brands such as Oxygen OS by OnePlus, One UI by Samsung, MiUi by Xioami, also come with resource optimization that works in the background to ensure smooth performance. 

A few smartphone operating systems also offer touch response optimizations to help users get an advantage with faster touch recognition while gaming. These optimizations help with loading games faster as well as vastly improving game performance. 

Going ahead, we can expect smartphone brands to continue focussing on gaming and offering various tools and features to optimize the devices. As we advance, gamers can look out for game-specific battery optimization so that users can enjoy longer gaming sessions without worrying about battery life. 

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Another handy feature for gamers would be virtual trigger buttons that we have already seen on a handful of devices, and we hope to see those come in a lot more devices. Mobile gaming is set to grow in the coming year exponentially, and smartphone brands have to work towards new and innovative gaming features to attract the educated consumers of today. 

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