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How to make your smartphone run faster and smoother

Smartphones tend to get a bit slow over time and not everyone can afford to switch phones that often. So, here are some tips and tricks that would help you boost the performance of your current smartphone.

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New Delhi Published on: August 20, 2021 11:42 IST

How to boost performance of your old Android, iOS smartphone.

These days we are using our smartphones more than ever. Most of our work has gone mobile and our smartphones, apart from our laptops, are helping us stay connected with our work life. Not only that, but smartphones also play a major role in enhancing our social life. With all this, most of us want a fast and lag-free smartphone experience. 

However, as phones get older, they tend to get a bit slow and not everyone can afford to switch phones every few months. So, here are some tips and tricks that would help you boost the performance of your current smartphone. 

Reduce Animations

Animations are what make a phone feel slow or fast. They do not actually improve the performance but reducing animations will at least make your phone feel faster when switching between apps. On Samsung phones, you can do this by heading over to Settings > Advanced features > Reduce Animations. 

On other Android devices, one can do this by first enabling Developer Options. To do that, head over to Settings > About Phone and tap 7 times on the Build Number. Once enabled, go to Settings > Developer Options and reduce Window Animation Scale to 0.5x. You can also choose to turn it completely off to achieve even better performance.

Get rid of unused stuff

Using our phones for a couple of months brings a lot of junk on board. This consists of unused applications, thousands of pictures and videos, WhatsApp chats and more. All of this is stored locally on your smartphone and as the storage space gets filled, the phone starts feeling laggy and unresponsive. In order to avoid that, delete unused apps and data from time to time. 

Clear cache

Browsing through social media apps like Instagram or watching a video on YouTube saves some cache on your phone. Over time, this cache can take upwards of 2GB of your local storage. You can get rid of the cache by heading over to Settings > Storage > Cached Data and tapping on ‘Delete Cache’ option. 

Use static wallpapers

Wallpapers help us customise our phones and make them even more personal. While live wallpapers look appealing, they suck a lot of processing power as well as the phone’s battery. In order to speed up your phone, it is recommended to use a static wallpaper. You can achieve an even greater level of performance by using the same wallpaper for both your lock screen as well as the home screen. 

Avoid Widgets

Apple has announced widgets for home screen with their upcoming iOS 14 update. The feature has been there on Android for quite some time now. While these widgets offer plenty of information and look cool, they constantly use the phone’s processing power to stay updated. So, in order to gain some performance, you should avoid using widgets on your phone.

Factory reset your phone

Sometimes an app or a corrupt file causes a major performance issue. A factory reset not only fixes that but also gives your phone a whole new life. You can take a complete backup of your phone and factory reset it to its original state. While setting it back up, ensure you install only the apps you need.

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