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IPL 2022: Here is how, your favourite team can make it to playoffs

This year's edition of IPL has been unique from the shuffling of players due to the mega auction, the addition of two more teams in the competition to the rankings on the points table

Aachal Maniyar Written by: Aachal Maniyar New Delhi Updated on: May 10, 2022 20:31 IST
Image Source : IPL

IPL trophy

This year's edition of IPL has been unique from the shuffling of players due to the mega auction, the addition of two more teams in the competition to the rankings on the points table.

The two debutants Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants have been impressive with their games so far with 16 points and three matches remaining.

The bottom two spots are taken by teams Mumbai Indians, and Chennai Super Kings who have won the title five, and four times, respectively. With Mumbai Indians getting eliminated from the qualification race.

On the other hand, the competition is cut-throat for the remaining teams to qualify for playoffs.

Here are the scenarios each squad needs to go through to end up in the top four.

  • Who will end up in the top two?

The teams to end up at the top-two positions on the points table have an advantage above the other two squads qualified for playoffs. They have a chance to directly enter the final after winning the first qualifier. And the team that loses also gets another chance to reach the final by winning the second qualifier against the winner of the eliminator match.

When it comes to the first position Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans are fighting for the spot.

Both the teams have 16 points and need one more win from the remaining three games to qualify for the playoffs. The 57th match between LSG and GT will play a decisive role in which the team will seal the top-four spot.

However, if a team between these two wins all the three games it will take the first position, for sure. 

Lucknow Super Giants: If the KL Rahul-led team which has a Net Run Rate(NRR) of +0.703 wins two of their remaining three games then they will make it to the top two and currently has the best chance of finishing at the top.

Gujarat Titans: If Hardik Pandya-led team wins at least two of the remaining games, they will definitely be in the top four with 20 points. Their current NRR is +0.120. Only Rajasthan Royals who are currently at the third position with 14 points from 11 games have the chance to end up above GT by winning all the remaining games. GT can even qualify in the top two with just one win if Rajasthan wins none or only one of the remaining matches.

  • Can teams at the bottom two still qualify?

Mumbai Indians: Five times champions MI have been officially out of the 15th edition of the tournament by losing nine out of 11 matches played.

Chennai Super Kings: With eight points from 11 games, Chennai's chance to make it to the final depends on the team winning all the remaining matches along with the results of the other competitors. The team will aim on getting 14 points. If RCB loses both their remaining matches and DC, SRH and PBKS lose at least one match each that too with big margins, then CSK stands a chance of getting in the top-four. It also means that if RCB win their next match, Chennai will be eliminated from the race.

  • Mid-table chaos:

Rajasthan Royals: RR has the best NRR (+0.326) among all teams below them. The team is currently with 14 points and just one win away to retain their position in top four. They also have a chance to climb up to finish in the top two if they win all three remaining games Gujarat wins not more than two matches.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: RCB currently ranks at number four with 14 points from 12 games and can seal the place in the playoffs if they win their remaining two games. However, if they lose even one then DC, SRH, and PBKS all have a chance to compete with 16 points as it will then come down to NRR. RCB's current NRR is -0.115.

Delhi Capitals: DC will want RCB to lose at least one game so that RCB doesn't get 18 points as Delhi can only get to a maximum of 16 points. The Rishabh Pant-led side has 10 points from 11 games. If Rajasthan and Bangalore both successfully get 18 points or Delhi loses one more match then DC's journey will come to an end for the season.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: SRH have 10 points and NRR of -0.031. Like Delhi, Hydrabad will also only be in the race if RCB lose one of their last two games and DC too loses a match. SRH will also need to win all matches to make the cut.

SRH could also be out of the game if four teams get to 18 points.

Punjab Kings: With 10 points from 11 games, PBKS will also want RCB to lose a match. Their NRR is -0.231 and therefore, they need to win their remaining matches by huge margins if they want to take over other teams if points are tied.

PBKS have the last three games against RCB, DC, and SRH who are directly competing with them for a playoff spot. If Punjab Kings win all three, they will compete with RCB to make it to the playoffs. If RCB and PBKS are tied on 16 points, then it will come down to NRR.