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  5. Highlights, Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab: Gaikwad shines again as CSK win by 9 wickets

Highlights, Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab: Gaikwad shines again as CSK win by 9 wickets

Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab: Follow ball-by-ball updates from CSK vs KXIP Live Match Online on

Written by: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi Updated on: November 01, 2020 19:11 IST
Live Cricket Score Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab:
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Live Cricket Score Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab: Gaikwad scores fifty as CSK near victory

Highlights, Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab

CSK vs KXIP Live Score: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab IPL 2020 Live Match Online on Kings XI Punjab could overtake Delhi Capitals to take the third spot in the IPL 2020 table with a win today, but a loss could aggravate their issues as they chase the playoff berth. While Chennai Super Kings are already out of the top-4 race, they can spoil KXIP's party in their final game of the IPL 2020 season. MS Dhoni's men have won their last two games of the season while KXIP's five-match winning streak ended earlier this week against SRH. Follow ball-by-ball updates from Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab IPL 2020 Live Match Online on LIVE STREAMING

Highlights, Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab: CSK (154/1 in 19 overs) beat KXIP (153/6) in Abu Dhabi

19:09 IST: A dominating victory by Chennai Super Kings, and Kings XI Punjab are eliminated from the title race. Ruturaj Gaikwad shined again for CSK as MS Dhoni's men end the tournament on a high.

19:01 IST: Shami to Gaikwad, FOUR! ANOTHER ONE! This time he gets the pull right. 

19:00 IST: Shami to Gaikwad, FOUR! Lucky! A bouncer to Gaikwad and he nicked it as he pulls the delivery. Upper edge but Rahul fails to catch.

18:55 IST: Jordan to Rayudu, FOUR! Steps out to a delivery outside off, has to overstretch his arm but gets the middle of the bat. Lofts it over cover.

18:49 IST: Bishnoi to Gaikwad, FOUR, FIFTY FOR GAIKWAD! Ruturaj Gaikwad scores his third successive half-century. He reaches the mark in style, slamming the ball towards over cover for four. MS Dhoni probably has one less problem as he and CSK plan for the next season now.

18:47 IST: Bishnoi to Gaikwad, FOUR! Poor delivery. Flighted ball but too much width. Gaikwad gets on top of the ball and lofts it over cover.

18:46 IST: M Ashwin to Rayudu, DROPPED! KL Rahul drops a regulation catch behind the wickets. Match gone?

18:41 IST: Strategic Timeout! The KXIP may have put the flow of runs in check after Faf's wicket, but it is still CSK's game to lose. The Super Kings are in firm control of this game and Punjab can only win by taking wickets here.

18:39 IST: Neesham to Gaikwad, FOUR! Gaikwad has put out some classy shots so far, much like his previous two innings. His knack of picking gaps put Neesham in awe this time. Picks the backward point this time.

18:30 IST: Bishnoi to Rayudu, FOUR! Waits for the ball and cuts it square. Excellent timing from Rayudu here.

18:22 IST: Ambati Rayudu is the new man in.

18:19 IST: Jordan to du Plessis, OUT! Finally! Faf plays the lap shot but fails to get the timing right. Neither gets the elevation nor the distance and KL Rahul takes an easy catch.

18:17 IST: Jordan to du Plessis, FOUR! Width on offer and bowled on the slot. Faf goes inside-out and times it perfectly towards deep extra cover.

18:12 IST: Bishnoi to Gaikwad, FOUR! Finds the gap again, Ruturaj! Cuts it past fly slip and backward point. This is going to sting KXIP.

18:07 IST: Bishnoi to Gaikwad, OUT! The umpires are checking for a clean catch here, the soft signal is out. AND THAT'S NOT OUT! The 3rd umpired deemed that the ball touched the ground as Mandeep fell. KL Rahul not happy with the decision.

18:04 IST: Strategic timeout! The CSK are running away with this game. In their previous clash, the Super Kings registered a 10-wicket win. This game looks eerily similar as of now..

17:59 IST: M Ashwin to du Plessis, OUT! But Faf takes review instantly. Looks like it hit the thigh pad. NOT OUT!

17:55 IST: Bishnoi to Du Plessis, SIX! Even better! Tossed up delivery, offers width and Faf chips it over long-off this time.

17:55 IST: Bishnoi to Du Plessis, FOUR! Flighted delivery but a little too full. Lovely feet movement to drive the ball through covers.

17:51 IST: Shami to du Plessis, FOUR! Steps out and gets to the bottom of the ball. Lofts it straight of mid-off and Jordan had no chance to save the boundary.

17:49 IST: Shami to Gaikwad, FOUR! MAJESTIC! Classy shot from Gaikwad. Placed it perfectly between covers -- didn't try to hit too hard, only guided it towards the gap and gets a deserved boundary.

17:46 IST: Neesham to du Plessis, SIX! His catch was dropped in the previous delivery and he makes the most of it now. Lap shot towards deep fine leg for a maximum.

 17:39 IST: Jordan to Gaikwad, SIX! Release shot from Gaikwad after many dot deliveries and he gets it right on target. Steps out to a length delivery and pulls it away over midwicket.

17:36 IST: Shami to Gaikwad, FOUR-WIDE! After five dot balls, Shami bowls one way down the leg side. No chance for KL Rahul to save that one.

17:32 IST: Neesham to du Plessis, FOUR! Short and plenty of width on offer, and Faf smacks it square.

17:28 IST: Ruturaj Gaikwad and Faf du Plessis to open the innings for CSK. Jimmy Neesham bowls the first over.

17:20 IST: STAT: Deepak Hooda has scored 48 off KXIP's 58 runs in the last five overs of the innings. One Man Show!

17:15 IST: Deepak Hooda (62* off 30 balls) has rescued the KXIP innings after the side was in a spot of bother after losing their high-profile top-4 early in the game. This is also Hooda's highest IPL score -- and what a time to bring it. The KXIP bowlers now have a competitive total to defend. 

17:13 IST: Ngidi to Hooda, SIX! A gift for the batsman here. Full toss on the pads and the batman has put it over the midwicket boundary.

17:09 IST: Ngidi to Hooda, FOUR! Hooda gets the room outside off again and he obliges. Too full and the batsman lofts it over covers.

17:05 IST: Thakur to Hooda, 1 run, FIFTY FOR HOODA! A brilliant innings from Hooda. He brings his fifty in merely 26 deliveries.

17:05 IST: Thakur to Hooda, FOUR! Steps out to make room for himself and sends it towards cover. Excellent batting from Hooda here.

16:57 IST: Ngidi to Hooda, SIX! SMACKED IT HARD! Ngidi gives room again and Hooda says thank you very much. This time, the batsman sends it over deep extra cover.

16:56 IST: Ngidi to Hooda, SIX! Hooda remains unfazed with the fall of wicket. KXIP need runs and Hooda smacks a wide ball outside off towards deep point.

16:53 IST: Ngidi to Neesham, OUT! WHAT A CATCH BY GAIKWAD! Ngidi comes from around the wicket and pitches it short outside off. The ball was probably a bit too wide to play the pull shot and hence, Neesham fails to get the timing right. Ruturaj Gaikwad covers an enormous distance from deep cover to take a brilliant diving catch near deep extra.

16:48 IST: Jadeja to Mandeep, OUT! BOWLED! Fails to read the pace here, Mandeep. Quick from Jadeja and Mandeep tries to pull it, but fails to get to the bottom of the ball. Half the side back in pavilion.

16:45 IST: Tahir to Hooda, SIX! Too full and slow. Hooda waits and smacks it hard over the cover boundary. 

16:39 IST: Chahar to Hooda, FOUR! Pulled it towards deep square leg. Poor delivery and excellent timing from Hooda.

16:37 IST: Chahar to Mandeep, FOUR! Pulled it in the gap at the long leg boundary. Good timing from Mandeep -- he and KXIP need a lot more of those.

16:37 IST: Meanwhile, JIO has been annnounced official Title sponsor for Women's T20 Challenge - READ

16:33 IST: Strategic Timeout! What a fall for KXIP. Their top-4 is back in the pavilion and moreover, no Maxwell to steer the innings too. KXIP batsmen paid a little too much respect for the bowlers and CSK pounced on the opportunity. 

16:27 IST: Tahir to Gayle, OUT! LBW! That's a waste of a review. Gayle is out plumb here. The left-handed batsman intended to sweep it but misses the ball completely. KXIP's top-4 back in dugout.

16:21 IST: Thakur to Pooran, OUT! A short-of-a-good length delivery on the body and Pooran goes for a half-hearted pull. The ball finds an inside-edge and MS Dhoni takes a good catch to end Pooran's innings. KXIP in trouble.

16:18 IST: In the last four overs, KXIP have scored only 12 runs.

16:12 IST: Nicholas Pooran is the new man in.

16:10 IST: Ngidi to Rahul, OUT! BOWLED! Slower yorker straight into the stumps and Rahul is left shocked. The batsman trieds to go bottom of the ball for a paddle shot but it goes underneath him. Big wicket!

16:03 IST: Strategic Timeout! KXIP made a quick start to their innings but the brisk run-scoring has been brought to a halt by Lungi Ngidi as he dismissed Mayank Agarwal. The next few overs could be key as the innings can swing either way with a couple of wickets. Rahul and Gayle are at the crease with Mandeep and Pooran to follow -- remember, there is no Glenn Maxwell today.

15:55 IST: Chris Gayle is the new man in.

15:54 IST: Ngidi to Mayank, OUT! BOWLED! What a comeback from the South African. Brings the line closer to batsman, bowls cross-seam on length and Mayank decides to play it across. Finds a thick inside edge and the ball deflects to stumps.

15:53 IST: Ngidi to Mayank, FOUR! Drove it towards extra cover boundary this time. Ngidi offers width and Mayank says thank you very much. KXIP are off to a flier here.

15:49 IST: Thakur to Rahul, FOUR! Lucky! Rahul wanted to drive it towards covers but finds a thick outside-edge. The ball beats the third man in the inner circle.

15:49 IST: Thakur to Rahul, FOUR! Flick towards the long leg boundary! Rahul has come out to bat with an aggressive intent today.

15:47 IST: Curran to Mayank, FOUR! The ball remains in air but way beyond the reach for the fielder at mid-on. Length ball and Mayank treats it with a flick of the wrist, sends it towards deep midwicket.

15:45 IST: Curran to Mayank, FOUR! Not the perfect timing but strong enough for the ball to race towards boundary. Full outside off and Mayank lofts it towards third man.

15:40 IST: Chahar to Rahul, SIX! First six of the innings. Too wide and Rahul gets a chance to open his arms. Cuts it brilliant towards the shorter boundary at deep backward point.

15:33 IST: Chahar to Agarwal, FOUR! Flicked it towards deep fine leg boundary. Strong start from Mayank.

15:31 IST: Chahar to Agarwal, FOUR! Length abll and Agarwal times it over mid-on. Good start from Mayank after returning from a long injury lay-off.

15:30 IST: The players are out in the middle. KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal open for KXIP. Deepak Chahar to bowl the first over.

15:21 IST: WATCH: "Definitely not," says MS Dhoni when asked if this could be his final game for CSK.

15:18 IST: MS Dhoni has confirmed that he will continue to play for Chennai Super Kings next season. [READ]

15:12 IST: Playing XIs:

Chennai Super Kings (Playing XI): Faf du Plessis, Ruturaj Gaikwad, Ambati Rayudu, MS Dhoni(w/c), N Jagadeesan, Ravindra Jadeja, Sam Curran, Shardul Thakur, Deepak Chahar, Lungi Ngidi, Imran Tahir

Kings XI Punjab (Playing XI): KL Rahul(w/c), Mayank Agarwal, Chris Gayle, Nicholas Pooran, Mandeep Singh, James Neesham, Deepak Hooda, Chris Jordan, Murugan Ashwin, Ravi Bishnoi, Mohammed Shami

15:01 IST: TOSS UPDATE! IPL 2020, Match 53: Chennai Super Kings win toss, opt to bowl against Kings XI Punjab in Abu Dhabi

14:55 IST: A final outing for MS Dhoni's CSK, who are already out of the tournament.

14:50 IST: Will we see the Gaylestorm sweeping the Super Kings away?

14:30 IST: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of CSK vs KXIP Live IPL 2020 match. CSK are already eliminated from the tournament and they will aim to spoil KXIP's party as both the sides meet in Abu Dhabi.

Brief Preview: The KL Rahul-led side may have suffered a shock defeat in its previous fixture against Rajasthan Royals (RR) but the dream to finish in the top-four list still prevails. KXIP will lock horns with the Yellow Army in a do-or-die game at Abu Dhabi on Sunday, with their chances of top-four finish hanging in jeopardy. A win against CSK still won't assure them a guaranteed playoffs berth. [FULL PREVIEW]


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