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Highlights, IPL 2018, Match 48: Royal Challengers Bangalore crush Kings XI Punjab to live another day

After bundling out Kings XI for paltry 88, RCB chased down the target with consummate ease, reaching 92 for no loss in 8.1 overs in the match no. 48 of IPL 2018 at Holkar Stadium, Indore.

Reported by: Aditya Chauhan , New Delhi [ Updated: May 14, 2018 23:18 IST ]
IPL 2018 Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab vs Royal

IPL 2018 Live Cricket Score, Kings XI Punjab vs Royal Challengers Bangalore at Indore: Kohli in action

IPL 2018 Highlights, KXIP vs RCB

INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE (IPL) 2018 MATCH 48, KINGS XI PUNJAB vs ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE: An emphatic and a much-needed victory for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the match no. 48 of Indian Premier League 2018 at the Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore. They had to win, a clinical performance was needed and it came, in all departments. Skipper Virat Kohli would be quite pleased at this. First, they did the job with the ball, where Umesh Yadav was the spearhead picking up 3 wickets. And then, with a paltry target of 89 to chase, the two openers, Kohli and Parthiv, finished things off with absolute ease. Well inside 9 overs. This will do a world of good to their confidence and significantly better their NRR.

A poor performance from Kings XI Punjab. Plain and simple. The batsmen heavily let them down. If your highest scorer has just 26, then that should say everything right there. In an attempt to score 200, you often end up less than 100, and that's what happened here. No sensibility was shown from the Punjab batsmen and it proved to be their undoing. The bowlers were left with no chance. Their performance tonight becomes irrelevant. A lot to ponder for Ravichandran Ashwin and his side. Umesh Yadav is declared as the Man of the Match. His scalped 3 wickets in his 4-over spell, which included the likes of Chris Gayle and KL Rahul. (CRICKET STREAMING - KXIP vs RCB) (SCORECARD) (IPL Full Coverage)


22.32 IST: 

22.28 IST: 

22.25 IST: FOUR! It's a boundary, but no half-century for Virat Kohli. Falls just short of it. Short ball, he swings hard and gets a big top edge over the keeper's head, to the fence behind. BANGALORE WIN BY 10 WICKETS! Royal Challengers Bangalore (92/0) beat Kings XI Punjab (88-all out) by 10 wickets in Indore. Kohli 48*, Parthiv 40*

22.21 IST: FOUR! Beautiful. Back of a length outside off, Parthiv plays the ramp shot over the vacant slip cordon. Plays it quite fine, it runs away to the fence.  RCB 85/0 in 7.4 overs

22.17 IST: 

Strategic break.

22.15 IST: FOUR! Shot! Hit with authority. Back of a length, Kohli plays a front foot pull shot. Muscles it over mid-wicket, leaving the man in the deep with no chance. Superb. Bangalore are just 10 runs away from a handsome win.  RCB 79/0 in 7 overs

22.12 IST: FOUR! Pure timing, that. Didn't have to use any kind of force at all. Short and wide outside off, Kohli steers this past point with an angled bat. Nobody out there in the deep, so it'll be a boundary. RCB 71/0 in 6.2 overs

22.10 IST: SIX! Woah, didn't see that coming. Lofted by Kohli over the covers and that was classy to watch. RCB need 23 runs to win in 84 balls. RCB 66/0 in 6 overs

22.07 IST: FOUR! Brilliant cut to backward point and Rajpoot at third man cannot get to that. Back of a length ball outside off, Kohli glides it nicely past the left side of the diving short third man fielder. RCB 60/0 in 5.5 overs

22.06 IST: FOUR! Another one by Parthiv and just a reminder to our readers. RCB need 35 runs to win in 90 balls.  15 off the over. From the way things are going, this will be over before the halfway mark. On the hips, Parthiv whips this through backward square leg, beating the dive from the fielder in the deep. RCB 54/0 in 5 overs

22.05 IST: FOUR! A short ball by Mohit and Parthiv plays that with ease. RCB 50/0 in 4.5 overs

22.02 IST: FOUR! Smashed and that's a beautiful cover drive through the gaps. Full and wide, there and begging to be put away, Parthiv obliges and thumps it through cover-point. No stopping that, super shot. RCB 44/0 in 4.2 overs

21.59 IST: REVIEW! Safe! Clearly missing leg. Bit of a desperate attempt from Punjab, can't blame them to be honest given the situation they're in. Tye angles in a fuller length ball on middle and leg, it keeps coming in and raps Kohli on the front pad. The ball lobs over on the off side, the batsmen take a leg bye but Ashwin reviews it, as there is no response from the umpire on the lbw appeal. It's gone upstairs and replays show the ball was going to miss the leg stump. RCB 39/0 in 4 overs

21.56 IST: Big swing and a miss from Parthiv Patel. Had some width on offer outside off, he makes some room and attempts to thrash this over the covers. Only connects with thin air. RCB 37/0 in 3.2 overs

21.52 IST: FOUR! Rajpoot is being hammered by the skipper. Kohli in a totally aggressive mood here. Probably has the NRR in mind. Dances down to this length ball around off and slices it over point. Clears the infield with ease and finds the fence. RCB 35/0 in 2.4 overs

21.50 IST: FOUR! Ten runs of two deliveries in Rajpoot's over. Kohli going for it. On the shorter side of the length, on the stumps, Kohli pulls this with a little swivel through mid-wicket for a boundary. RCB 30/0 in 2.2 overs

21.49 IST: SIX! Massive and the home crowd are applauding that. Sheer power from the skipper and his intentions are known. He wants to finish this off early!  Length ball, Kohli moves inside the line and heaves it into the mid-wicket stands. Sweet connection on that. Superb timing.. RCB 26/0 in 2.1 overs

21.47 IST: FOUR! Classy cut shot by Parthiv. Through the gaps and that's his signature stroke.Full and outside off, this time Parthiv crashes it through the covers to send it across the rope. RCB 18/0 in 1.5 overs

21.46 IST: FOUR! Parthiv pushes that down to third man and he's unable to get to it. RCB 14/0 in 1.4 overs

21.45 IST: FOUR! Parthiv gets cracking and pushes that between the covers. Nine runs of the over. Ashwin bowls it quicker on the pads, Parthiv backs away and flicks it well through mid-wicket to find the fence. RCB 9/0 in 1 over

21.43 IST: Tossed up on the pads, Kohli comfortably gets off the mark with a little flick down towards wide long on. Single taken. RCB 1/0 in 0.1 overs

21.40 IST: Parthiv Patel and skipper Virat Kohli are out to open for RCB. 89 on the board and Bangalore could not be any happier. Ashwin to start the attack. Let's get started. 

21.27 IST: 

21.25 IST: 

21.22 IST: OUT! That's the final nail in the coffin! Coming in with the arm, pulled towards wide long on. Patel calls his partner through for the second run but Rajpoot hesitates a bit. The throw is flat and accurate to Ali and he whips the bails off in a flash! It is referred upstairs. The No. 11 has not grounded his bat and that proves to be his undoing. PUNJAB ARE BOWLED OUT FOR 88!

21.21 IST: Seems to be touch and go! What a throw from Southee in the deep. Is Rajpoot short?

21.17 IST: KXIP 87/9 in 15 overs

Ankit Rajpoot is the last man in. Meanwhile, Siraj is back on.

21.12 IST: OUT! Another one bites the dust! Tossed up on off, tapped towards wide mid on. Sharma is ball-watching and decides to take off late. De Villiers briskly runs behind to his right, slides and throws it towards Ali. Sharma is struggling as Ali takes the bails off. The decision goes upstairs. Replays show that the ball ricocheted from the hands of Ali onto the stumps. Mohit is short. Kings XI Punjab 84/9 in 14 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

21.11 IST: Falling like a pack of cards and looks like another one has to return to the pavilion. A decision for run out is pending. Good work from de Villiers.

Mohit Sharma is the new man in.

21.06 IST: OUT! Gone! Short delivery outside off, Tye goes for the big pull across the line but seems to have got a feather behind. Patel takes it and goes up in a confident appeal along with Yadav. The umpire obliges as well. There is a bit of confusion whether Tye has taken the review or not. Well, he is walking past the umpire. The replays show that he initially challenged the decision, talked to the umpire and finally withdrew it. He knew he had edged it. Kings XI Punjab 79/8 in 12.4 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Andrew Tye comes out to bat. Meanwhile, Yadav is back for a burst.

21.02 IST: OUT! The skipper has thrown his wicket away! Bad example from Ashwin. It is a great work from Negi though.  It is a great work from Negi though. Floated outside off, Ashwin taps it towards cover-point and takes off. There is no run there and Tye rightly sends him back. However, Negi is quick to spot the late reaction from Ashwin. Moves swiftly to his left and returns an accurate throw to Patel. Ashwin dives to get back in but seems like he is short. It is referred upstairs and the replays confirm he is short. Two in two.  Kings XI Punjab 78/7 in 12 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

The skipper, Ravichandran Ashwin comes out to bat.

20.59 IST: OUT! Moeen Ali has the last laugh! This is the first full-length delivery that he has bowled and he reaps the reward. Tossed up on off, Finch clears his front leg and is in that zone that he goes for a wild swing. Ends up mistiming his heave towards deep mid-wicket. Kohli stationed there is safe as a house and makes no mistake. Bangalore are dominating the proceedings. Kings XI Punjab 78/6 in 11.5 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

20.56 IST: SIX! My colleague excitedly mentions that Finch will relish the offie and that is what exactly happens! Offers a half-tracker outside off, Finch sits back in his crease and absolutely murders it over cow corner. It has gone a long way back.  KXIP 76/5 in 11.1 overs

Moeen Ali to roll his arm over now.

20.51 IST: Drifting towards the pads, helped to the on side for a single. Another good over from the spin wizard, just 4 runs from it. KXIP 65/5 in 10 overs

20.45 IST: Strategic break! Meanwhile, Axar Patel is the new man in.

20.44 IST: OUT!  Yes, no doubt about the clarity of the catch. Sometimes in life, you get fortunate. This is the case with de Grandhomme. Bowls a loosener down the leg side, Agarwal tries to make the most of it. Goes at it half-heartedly and seems to have got a faint nick. Patel moves to his left and takes it with his left hand. The umpire is unsure whether it carried and consults his partner. The soft signal is out. Yes, the replays confirm that it is a clean catch.  Kings XI Punjab 61/5 in 8.5 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

20.43 IST: Punjab are in absolute disarray! Seems like Agarwal is a goner but the umpires are not sure whether Patel has grabbed it properly or not. The soft signal is out.

Colin de Grandhomme to have a bowl now.

20.41 IST: 

20.38 IST: SIX! Sit back and admire! That is a sublime shot. On a driveable length outside off, Finch allows his hands to flow through. With a beautiful bat swing, he lifts it nonchalantly over extra cover to clear the boundary.  KXIP 58/4 in 8 overs

20.35 IST: Quite an impact from the Bangalore pacer -  

Mayank Agarwal comes out to bat.

20.32 IST: OUT! Bowled 'em! The sound of the timber is music to the ears of a bowler. Bowls this one at a flatter trajectory and at a quicker pace. Stoinis ends up yorking himself up, attempting to play it down the ground. It is the wrong one as well and skids under the bat to light the stumps. Kohli is absolutely pumped up! The hosts have lost four wickets in a space of 15 balls. Kings XI Punjab 50/4 in 6.5 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Yuzvendra Chahal to roll his arm over now.

20.28 IST: FOUR! Off the mark in style! Full and outside off, Finch leans into it and strokes it through covers to find the fence.  KXIP 46/3 in 5.5 overs

Marcus Stoinis is the new man in.

20.25 IST: OUT! All of a sudden, Punjab are falling apart! All the wickets have fallen off short deliveries. Hits the deck hard and the ball skids a touch. Nair is up on his toes and attempts to dab it to the third man. However, it is a high-risk one as the skipper is standing at wide first slip. He moves to his left and takes a sharp catch. Kings XI Punjab 41/3 in 5.2 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Aaron Finch comes out to bat. Meanwhile, Mohammed Siraj to bowl now.

20.23 IST: OUT! This might well be the game-changing over! The visitors are delighted and why not! The universe boss is out of here. Shortish ball around off, Gayle takes it on. Goes for a pull but ends up top edging it towards deep square leg. Siraj in the deep is cool as a cucumber. Takes it calmly! End of an eventful over. Kings XI Punjab 41/2 in 5 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

20.22 IST: FOUR! Gayle is going hammer and tongs! Backs away to the length ball and smashes it past mid off to find a boundary.

Karun Nair strides out to bat.

20.20 IST: OUT! A vital breakthrough for Yadav! Rahul was looking really dangerous. Got to give credit to de Grandhomme for a terrific catch. Back of a length ball on off, the length is not there to quite pick it up but still Lokesh goes through with his swipe. Has connected well but has failed to find the gap. Colin at deep square leg judges it well. He keeps his balance and takes it overhead. Kings XI Punjab 36/1 in 4.3 overs vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

20.19 IST: SIX! Dismissive! A shot of a player who is in prime form. Short ball, at 105.7 clicks, Rahul reads it well. He swipes it with authority over mid-wicket for a massive biggie.  KXIP 36/0 in 4.2 overs

20.17 IST: FOUR! That was hit like a bullet! Ominous signs for the opposition. Short ball on off, Gayle clears his front leg and hammer-pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary. KXIP 28/0 in 4 overs

20.15 IST: 

20.14 IST: FOUR! Shot! In the slot for Gayle outside off, he frees his arms and crashes it through covers for a rocketing boundary.  KXIP 18/0 in 3.1 overs

20.13 IST: SIX! Brilliant! Short ball on middle and off, Rahul stands tall and pulls it over fine leg. It it going, going and gone. Rahul is hitting his strides now. KXIP 14/0 in 3 overs

20.08 IST: SIX! Spoils a terrific over! Back of a length ball on off, Rahul gets into a great position. Swings his bat to pull it over square leg for a maximum. The thing with him is he picks up lengths very quickly.  KXIP 7/0 in 2 overs

Tim Southee to share the new ball.

20.03 IST: DROPPED! How costly it's going to be for Bangalore? You can't afford to put down such catches at this level. Deserved a wicket off this delivery. It is on a good length on middle and leg, squares Gayle up. He pokes at it and ends up getting a thick outside edge behind. Patel's initial foot movement is towards the leg side and it results in him getting late. Dives to his left, gets his glove to it but fails to hold on. KXIP 1/0 in 0.5 overs

19.57 IST: Game time! The Bangalore players are in a huddle while KL Rahul and Chris Gayle walk out to the middle. Will the Universe Boss take Indore by storm today? Let's find out. Umesh Yadav to begin the proceedings with the ball. Here we go...

19.52 IST: 

19.45 IST: India Tv - Kings XI Punjab Playing XI against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Indore

Image Source : INDIATV

Kings XI Punjab Playing XI against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Indore

19.41 IST: Bonding between the two stalwarts of Indian cricket - 

19.40 IST: India Tv - Royal Challengers Bangalore Playing XI against Kings XI Punjab in Indore

Image Source : INDIATV

Royal Challengers Bangalore Playing XI against Kings XI Punjab in Indore

19.38 IST: Punjab skipper, Ravichandran Ashwin, says that it is a tough ground to defend on and so, they would have bowled first. Mentions that this is an unforgiving format and the ground is small as well. Is hopeful of putting their experience into good use. States that Mujeeb Ur Rahman is injured and Marcus Stoinis comes in his place.

19.35 IST: Bangalore skipper, Virat Kohli, says that they are going to have a bowl first. Opines that it looks like a hard and true surface. Adds that it will be a hard ground to defend on. States that they are one mystery bowler short and this gives them an advantage. Mentions that it is difficult for 6 batsmen to perform always. Adds that KL Rahul and Chris Gayle have played well for Punjab. Feels that they are pretty happy with the job they have been given. Announces that they are playing with the same team. Ends by saying that they want to play fearless cricket and express themselves.

19.32 IST: 

19.30 IST: TOSS - Royal Challengers Bangalore win toss, opt to bowl against Kings XI Punjab in Indore

19.25 IST: Gayle's 'lucky charm' is going to be in stands tonight - 

19.15 IST: Place your bets wisely - 

19.00 IST: KXIP Captain putting in the hard yards - 

18.56 IST: 

18.51 IST: 

18.45 IST: 

18.40 IST: 

18.35 IST: 

Brief Preview: Having found some light at the end of the tunnel, Royal Challengers Bangalore will be keen to expose the chinks in Kings XI Punjab's armoury during their must-win Indian Premier League encounter at the Holkar Cricket Stadium in Indore. RCB got some breathing space after their five-wicket victory against Delhi Daredevils while Kings XI Punjab, after a brilliant run at the initial stages, are currently struggling with back to back defeats.

Despite losses to Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders, KXIP are in the top half of the league with 12 points while RCB are still languishing at the second last place in the table. However in IPL, strange things have happened at the business end of the tournament and RCB, under Virat Kohli, are likely to put a lot of pressure on the slipping KXIP. (Read Full Match Preview)

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