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Highlights, India vs Bangladesh, 1st Test: Pace battery help India take honours on Day 1

Indian pace battery bundled Bangladesh for 150 as Mohammed Shami picked 3 wickets for the hosts.

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New Delhi Updated on: November 14, 2019 17:31 IST
India vs Bangladesh 1st Test Live Score: Day 1 updates from
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India vs Bangladesh 1st Test Live Score: Day 1 updates from Indore


Highlights, India vs Bangladesh, 1st Test, Day 1: Hello and welcome to our coverage of the first Test of the two-match series between India and Bangladesh live from the Holkar Stadium in New Delhi. What a performance from the Indians. After being asked to bowl, they made full use of the conditions and the pacers ruled the roost. Shami was the pick of the bowlers, picking up 3 wickets while Ishant, Umesh and Ashwin grabbed two each as Bangladesh were all-out for 150. Follow all the live cricket score and updates from the IND vs BAN 1st Test from Indore here at IndiaTV. (Match scorecard | When and where to watch)

IND vs BAN, 1st TEST, DAY 1: INDIA 86/1 (26 overs) VS BANGLADESH (150) VS INDIA IN INDORE. MAYANK 37*, Pujara 43*

* STUMPS! 1st Test, Day 1: India (86/1) trail Bangladesh (150) by 64 runs at Stumps in Indore. Pujara 43*, Mayank 37*

16.50 IST: Abu to Mayank, DROPPED! Good delivery from the young man but sloppy effort in the slips and Mayank gets a life.

* Good partnership between the two as India are 79/1 in 23 overs 

16.23 IST: Taijul to Mayank, FOUR! Late cut from the Karnataka batsman as he waited for the ball and cut it through the third man for a boundary.

16.14 IST: Taijul to Pujara, FOUR! It's a replica of the previous shot with the same result.

16.13 IST: Taijul to Pujara, FOUR! Lovely Shot, Pujara dances down the ground and converts the ball into half folly to drive it for four through mid-wicket.

16.00 IST: Abu to Pujara, FOUR! CUT-AWAY for the four, Pujara looks confident and is in full control till now.

15.55 IST: Taijul to Pujara, FOUR! Trademark Pujara drives as he dances down the ground to hit the ball for four.

15.45 IST: Ebadat to Mayank, FOUR! Fluent drive from the opener and ball races away for the boundary through covers.

15.38 IST: Abu to Rohit, OUT! A rare loose shot from Rohit and Bangladesh get their first wicket and the big one.

15.28 IST: Abu to Rohit, FOUR! Thick edge and ball went over the slip to race away for a boundary.

15.18 IST: Abu to Rohit, DOUBLE! Hitman is off the mark with a brace, it was a short pitch delivery and Rohit just pushes it to open his account.

15.05 IST: Ebadat to Mayank, FOUR! What a way to start. Pitched up and crunched through the covers for a boundary.

15.02 IST: The players are back on the field. Rohit Sharma and Mayank Agarwal have come out for India while Ebadat Hossain has the ball for Bangladesh.

14.55 IST: Umesh to Ebadat, OUT! What a delivery! Angling from middle and taking the off stump. That folds Bangladesh's innings for 150 after they decided to bat first at the Holkar. Pacers starred for India on a wicket that had some help. Shami picked up three while Ishant, Umesh and Ashwin grabbed two each. BAN 150 all-out from 58.3 overs

14.46 IST:
Ebadat Hossain is the new man in.

14.45 IST: Umesh to Taijul, OUT! Jadeja's rocket arm does the trick. Throws from third man and Saha collects it and breaks the stumps with ease. Taijul's dive couldn't save him the blushes. Bangladesh lose their 9th wicket. BAN 148/9 from 56.4 overs

14.33 IST: 
Abu Jayed is the new man in.

14.31 IST: Ishant to Liton, OUT! First ball after tea and lovely delivery to begin with. Got him into the front foot, Liton pushed at it and a lovely catch going down at slips by Kohli. Bangladesh lose their 8th. BAN 140/8 from 54.1 overs

14.30 IST:
Players are back on the field. Ishant to bowl, Liton on strike. Taijul accompanies him to the crease. Here we go!

14.12 IST: TEA!
That's Tea as well. What a session for India. Ashwin and Shami picked up two wickets each as Bangladesh were reduced to 140/7 at the end of the second session. Shami picked up two in two as the players dispersed for Tea at the end of the second session. Liton Das is the only man at crease with Shami on a hat-trick. Join us soon for the last session of the day!

14.11 IST: Shami to Mehedy, OUT!
First ball, jags back in sharp and wraps him on the pads straight in front. Umpire doesn't hesitate to raise his finger and that's two in two for Shami. Mehedy looks for the review but Liton is not interested and has to go but reviews show that the ball was missing leg and a wicket goes to waste. That's Tea as well. Bangladesh lose their 7th. BAN 140/7 from 54 overs at Tea

14.08 IST: Shami to Mushfiqur, OUT!
What a delivery! Sheer set up with the help of reverse swing and it finally pays off. Out, out and in and Mushfiqur caught in two minds and the balls crashes at the top of off-stump. Bangladesh lose their 6th wicket. BAN 140/6 from 53.5 overs

13.47 IST: Jadeja to Liton, FOUR!
Full-toss and slammed through covers for another boundary. Liton looking in fantastic touch here.

13.44 IST: Jadeja to Liton, FOUR! Edged and goes in between Saha and Rahane for a boundary.

13.38 IST: Ravindra Jadeja into the attack.

13.36 IST: Ashwin to Liton, FOUR! What a way to get off the mark. Pitched up and driven through the covers for a boundary.

13.36 IST: Liton Das is the new man in

13.35 IST: Ashwin to Mahumudullah, OUT! Goes across the line, completely misses it and the ball crashes straight on to the stumps. Bangladesh lose their fifth. BAN 115/5 from 45.1 overs

13.27 IST: Ashwin to Mahmudulah, DROPPED!
Once again Rahane drops it. Beautifully thrown and just kisses the bat and goes straight to Rahane and he drops it again. His third miss of the day.

13.15 IST: Umesh to Mahmudullah, FOUR! Short and pulled away in a controlled manner for a boundary.

13.13 IST: Mohammed Shami has left the field and Shubman Gill will replace him.

12.58 IST: Mahmudullah is the next man in

12.57 IST: Ashwin to Mominul, OUT! Bad way to get out really. Ashwin bowls a drifter coming round the wicket and Mominul lets it go and the ball crashes straight into the stumps. Ashwin's 250th wicket in India and he becomes only the third Indian bowler to achieve the feat. Bangladesh lose their fourth. BAN 99/4 from 37.1 overs

12.51 IST: Ashwin to Mushfiqur, FOUR!
On off and middle, Rahim premeditates his paddle sweep and executes his well fine down the leg

12.48 IST: Ishant to Mominul, FOUR! Full delivery on the pads and he just flicks it away through the square leg region and picks up another boundary.

12.41 IST: Ashwin to Mushfiqur, FOUR! Rahim stands back and cuts it through backward point for another boundary.

12.41 IST: Ashwin to Mushfiqur, SIX! Ashwin bowls a flighted delivery on middle, Mushfiqur comes down the track and plays it over the bowler's head

12.33 IST: The pair has dug in and despite the dropped chances, have managed to carry on otherwise and get runs here and there. India have created chances but failed to latch on to them with both Mominul and Mushfiqur getting lives.

12.18 IST: Ashwin to Mushfiqur, DROPPED! Beautifully flighted delivery, deceives Mushfiqur and gets the edge but Rahane drops him at slips. The ball hit him on the chest and goes down. Another life for Mushfiqur.

12.17 IST: R Ashwin to begin from the other end.

12.12 IST: Welcome back to the second session! The players have made their way on to the ground. Mushfiqur will take strike for the visitors, Shami will start for India. Here we go!

11.35 IST: LUNCH!
That's the end of the first session. A session that has largely belonged to India with three early wickets. Mominul and Mushfiqur have rode their luck and taken Bangladesh to Lunch. But, it is India, who have had the say overall after being asked to bowl first by Mominul Haque. Bangladesh are 63/3 at the break. Join us in a while for the second session!

11.30 IST: Umesh to Mushfiqur, FOUR! Bounce and once again, the ball goes past point towards third man for a boundary. Runs are coming in boundaries now for Bangladesh.

11.26 IST: Ishant to Mushfiqur, FOUR! The ball jags back in and Mushfiqur gets a massive inside edge and goes past a diving Wriddhiman Saha for a boundary. Mushfiqur is riding his luck here.

11.24 IST: Umesh to Mominul, FOUR! Pitched up and wide, Mominul slashes and slashes hard and it goes over the slip cordon for a boundary.

11.21 IST: Umesh to Mushfiqur, DROPPED! Bounces and takes the edge, goes straight to Kohli at a very catchable height at third slip but goes straight in and out. Mushfiqur gets a life. How costly will it prove?

11.16 IST:
Ishant Sharma replaces R Ashwin into the attack.

11.14 IST: Umesh to Mominul, FOUR! Same ball and same result but this time a little wide through gully and fourth slip.

11.13 IST: Umesh to Mominul, FOUR! A genuine outside edge but goes in between third and fourth slip for a boundary. Soft hands and angle of the bat key to that.

11.11 IST: Ashwin to Mominul, FOUR! Strays down the leg and Mominul flicks it off his pads fine for a boundary.

11.01 IST: Mushfiqur Rahim is the next man in

10.59 IST: Shami to Mithun, OUT! Angles in and strikes him straight on his pads. India go up in appeal and it is given. The batsmen think of reviewing but it was too in front to be overturned. Bangladesh lose their third. BAN 31/3 from 18 overs

10.57 IST: Shami to Mithun, FOUR!
Edged but goes for a boundary. Mithun moves into double figures.

10.53 IST: Ashwin to Mominul, DROPPED! Couldn't resist this one, Mominul! It was short-pitched and outside off, and Mominul intended to cut the ball but couldn't connect properly. A tough chance for Rahane and he drops.

10.51 IST: Shami to Mominul, the Bangladesh captain has played sensibly so far. He is consistently letting go off all the deliveries not in the line of stumps. Important to play out the first session.

10.44 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin into the attack.

10.42 IST: NOT OUT! SO CLOSE! Umpire's call saves Mithun here. It took time to ascertain that the ball had hit the pad first, but the point of impact wasn't wholly in front of the off-stump. No dismissal, but no review lost as well.

10.38 IST: Umesh to Mithun, Huge appeal! Virat has opted for a review here.

10.35 IST: Drinks break. India are clearly on top at the moment. The deck has provided movement to the pacers early on, and the Indian trio have troubled Bangladesh batsmen in the first hour of the play.

10.29 IST: Shami to Mithun, no run, what a peach of a delivery! Gets it to shape away from the right-hander. Mithun completely beaten.

10.20 IST: Mohammed Shami has been introduced into the attack, replacing Ishant Sharma

10.19 IST: 10 overs gone and Bangladesh after a watchful start, have lost two quick wickets. The Indian pacers have been magnificent with the new ball. The ball has been seaming and swinging and both Ishant and Umesh have made the ball talk and got wickets.

10.05 IST: Mohammad Mithun is the new man in

10.04 IST: Ishant to Shadman, OUT! Full from Ishant, Shadman looked to drive but only got an edge to Wriddhiman Saha behind the stumps.
Bangladesh lose their second. BAN 12/2 from 7 overs

10.00 IST:
Bangladesh captain Mominul Haque is the new man in.

09.58 IST: Umesh to Kayes, OUT! Finally! A little short and the ball gets the edge finally after missing the bat on numerous ocassions and goes straight to Ajinkya Rahane at fourth slip. Bangladesh lose their first. BAN 12/1 from 6 overs

09.57 IST: Umesh and Kayes, FOUR! Wide half volley and Kayes guides it past through point for a boundary. His first of the innings.

09.50 IST: Ishant to Shadman, FOUR! Pitched up and the batsman goes for the drive and gets a thick outside edge but wide of gully for a boundary.

09.44 IST: Another good over from Ishant. The ball is moving around well and the bowlers are bowling consistently around the off and moving around.

09.36 IST: Umesh Yadav to bowl from the other end.

09.34 IST: A really good first over from Ishant despite being forced to go round the wicket for concerns regarding stepping on the danger zone.

09.30 IST: Ishant Shamra has the ball for India, Bangladesh are starting with Shadman Islam and Imrul Kayes​. Here we go!

09.10 IST: Playing XIs:

India: Mayank Agarwal, Rohit Sharma, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (C), Ajinkya Rahane, Ravindra Jadeja, Wriddhiman Saha (WK), Ravichandran Ashwin, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma​

Bangladesh: Imrul Kayes, Shadman Islam, Mohammad Mithun, Mominul Haque (C), Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudullah, Liton Das (WK), Mehedy Hasan, Taijul Islam, Abu Jayed, Ebadat Hossain​

09.02 IST: TOSS - Bangladesh captain Mominul Haque won the toss and opted to bat first on a grassy wicket.

08.50 IST: PITCH REPORT: It looks a very good pitch. There is a bit of grass cover and the new bowlers will find it good to bowl on. But, as the ball gets old and sun goes down, it will get easier to bat on. But, it should still be win toss and bat first despite the grass cover and moisture.

Brief preview: The action begins with the red cherry but the focus is firmly on the pink ball as a formidable India looks to overpower a depleted-but-gritty Bangladesh in the first Test of a two-match series starting here on Thursday. The rubber opens here but the buzz and the talk has been consistently centred on the second game in Kolkata, which will be played under lights -- a historic first for both the teams. This is also that one series in the World Test Championship calendar, in which Virat Kohli's men, currently in the "pink of form", can steamroll the rag-tag opposition well inside four days. [Read full preview]

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