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'Rs. 100 Crore' club of India's richest politicians

New Delhi, Jan 15: India may be a poor country but when it comes to politicians they can put to shame many politicians across the world. India has a long list of ‘Crorepati' politicians. In fact,

Raj Singh Raj Singh
Updated on: October 18, 2014 10:11 IST


2. Jaya Bachchan (Rs. 494 Crore)

The total assets of Jaya Bachchan along with her husband Amitabh Bachchan amounts to Rs. 494 Crores.
Jaya has property and investments of Rs 91. 65 crore while Amitabh's assets amount to 402.21 crore.
Jaya Bachchan is a renowned actor of Bollywood. She was at the peak of her career before marrying Amitabh Bachchan. She is an alumna of the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune.
Presently, she is a Rajya Sabha MP on Samajwadi Party ticket.