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Benjamin Netanyahu's India visit: PM Modi invites 'more and more Israeli people, businesses and companies to come and work in India'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today held delegation-level talks with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu during which they discussed a range of key issues including defence, trade and terrorism.

India TV News Desk Reported by: India TV News Desk New Delhi Updated on: January 15, 2018 21:09 IST
We stand on cusp of a new chapter in India-Israel
We stand on cusp of a new chapter in India-Israel relations, says PM Modi at CEO summit

India and Israel today inked nine pacts to boost cooperation in key areas, including cyber security and energy. 

The agreements were signed after extensive talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu for bolstering bilateral ties in strategic areas. 

The two prime ministers, accompanied by their respective senior Cabinet colleagues, held delegation-level talks during which they also discussed regional and international issues of mutual interests. 

Earlier today, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is on six-day visit to India, was accorded a ceremonial welcome at Rashtrapati Bhavan on Monday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was among those present during the ceremony.

The Israeli PM, along with his wife Sara, paid tributes at Mahatma Gandhi's memorial at the Raj Ghat. 

The two leaders took part in the 2nd India-Israel CEOs Forum and the India-Israel Business Summit in the evening. The first edition of the summit had been held last year, during PM Modi's visit to Israel.

As it Happened: 

08:30 pm: India’s development agenda is huge. It presents a vast economic opportunity for Israeli companies. I invite more and more Israeli people, businesses and companies to come and work in India. Along with Govt & people, the business community of India too is keen to join hands: PM

08:28 pm: We have worked sincerely on ease of doing businesses in India. The results are there for everyone for to see: PM Narendra Modi

08:27 pm: Today we have emerged as the 6th largest manufacturing nation but we are not done yet: PM Narendra Modi

08:26 pm: We want to do more and do better. To enable entry of capital and technology, most of the sectors including defence, have been opened for FDI. More than 90 percent of the FDI approvals have been put on automatic route. We are now among the most open economies: PM

08:25 pm: The India-Israel Innovation Bridge will act as a link between the Start-ups of the two sides. I have been saying that Indian Industries, start-ups and the academic institutions must collaborate with their Israeli counterparts to access the huge reservoir of knowledge: PM

08:23 pm: In India, we have been taking steady steps over three years at both macro as well as micro-level, to make a difference. Our motto is: Reform, Perform and Transform: PM

08:20 pm: There is new energy and purpose that has invigorated our ties over the last few years. It will help take our cooperation to greater heights. We stand on the cusp of a new chapter in India-Israel relations driven by our people & mutual opportunities for betterment of lives: PM

08:20 pm: I have always had a deep regard for Israel and its people. I visited Israel in 2006 as CM of Gujarat. Last year in July, I visited Israel, the first such visit from India. I experienced the remarkable spirit of innovation, enterprise and perseverance that drives Israel: PM

08:19 pm: The role of business and industry is crucial in the transformation of our time: PM Narendra Modi

08:18 pm: It is an added pleasure to be with the CEOs of both countries. PM Netanyahu and I have had fruitful interactions with the CEOs of both countries: PM Narendra Modi

08:15 pm: You have brilliant people in India. We have brilliant people in Israel. What we can do, is shape the future together. I believe in India. I came here to say today thank you PM Modi for believing in Israel, we believe in India: Netanyahu

08:12 pm: In the last 5-10 years we have car industries. We have 500 startup companies that receive $ 500 bn investment every year: Israeli PM at business summit

08:11 pm: There is not going to be anymore distinction between high tech and low tech because at the end everything is going to be technology: Benjamin Netanyahu 

08:07 pm: PM Modi, dear friend, friend of Israel, thank you for your magnificent hospitality & friendship: Benjamin Netanyahu, PM of Israel 

08:00 pm: Modi, Netanyahu to address the business summit shortly

07:50 pm: PM Modi and Israel PM attend India Israel business summit. Both launched I4Fund call for proposal Sara Netanyahu, wife of Israel PM also there. 

07:00 pm: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel called on President Kovind at Rashtrapati Bhavan. President welcomes him as India's "special friend"; Netanyahu was served olive tea produced in Bikaner by the Rajasthan government in collaboration with Israeli partners

06:00 pm: India and Israel will strengthen the existing pillars of cooperation in areas that touch the lives of our people. We shall also venture into less explored areas of cooperation: PM tweeted.

India and Israel are creating a a robust partnership- of hope, trust, extensive and cutting edge cooperation, joint endeavours and shared successes. My talks with PM @netanyahu will accelerate this engagement, paving way for positive outcomes: PM tweeted.

04:00 pm: India's Ambassador to Israel Pavan Kapoor on Monday said that India is working with Israel to stop the exploitation of Indian caregivers in the country.

"We have about 11,000-12,000 Indian caregivers working in Israel. We have found that they get exploited by the agencies. We are working with the Israeli side to stop this," Kapoor told media at a press conference organised after the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu in New Delhi on Monday. 

The ambassador also clarified that there no ban to any religious pilgrimage to Israel. "A large number of Indians who go to Israel, is for the purpose of religious pilgrimage... there is no stoppage or ban to any religious pilgrimage," he said. 

Read full story: Working together to rescue 11,000-12,000 Indian caregivers from employers' exploitation in Israel: Envoy

03:30 pm: MEA Secretary (economic relations) Vijay Gokhale said that the six-day trip by Netanyahu marked the warmth of relationship between India and Israel. "All of you who would have seen the television shots, the warmth and the relations of India-Israel was evident. It was evident in the reception at the airport and at the dinner which was hosted by PM Modi," Gokhale said during the presser. 

"As far as the issue of Palestine is concerned, it was discussed. Our side made its stand clear on the issues of Palestine and Jerusalem but our relations are much larger than single issues," he added. 

02:15 pm: My friend Narendra if anytime you want to do a Yoga class with me,you are welcome, thought it will be a bit of stretch: Netanyahu

02:11 pm: We remember the horrific savagery in Mumbai(26/11 attacks), we will never give in and will fight back: Benjamin Netanyahu

02:10 pm: It (PM Modi's visit to Israel) excited all Israelis & of course many Israelis of Indian descent & origin came. Well I thought I was in a rock concert. But it was a historic event: Benjamin Netanyahu

02:07 pm: Jews in India have never witnessed antisemitism like in some other countries, this is a tribute to India's great civilization, tolerance and democracy: Netanyahu

02:05 pm: You are a revolutionary leader, you have revolutionized India and catapulting this state to the future, your visit to Israel was groundbreaking as it was the first time an Indian leader visited: Benjamin Netanyahu 

02:02 pm: In Defence, I have invited Israeli companies to take advantage of the liberalized FDI regime to make more in India with our companies: PM Modi

02:01 pm: We will strengthen existing pillars of cooperation in areas that touch the lives of our peoples. These are agriculture, science and technology and security.We exchanged views on scaling up the Centers of Excellence that have been a main-stay of agricultural cooperation: PM Modi

02:00 pm: Last year in July, I carried the greetings & friendship of 1.25 billion Indians during my momentous journey to Israel. In return, I was overwhelmed by the generous affection & warmth of the Israeli people led by my friend Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu) : PM Modi 

01:58 pm: We have imparted our shared impatience to the implementation of our earlier decisions. The results are already visible on the ground. Our discussions today were marked by convergence to accelerate our engagement and to scale up our partnership: PM Modi

01:57 pm: Today and yesterday we reviewed progress in our relations and renewed our relations on the opportunities that beckon us: PM Modi

01:56 pm: Our discussions today were marked by convergence to accelerate our engagement and scale up our partnership: PM Modi

01:54 pm: My good friend welcome to India, your visit marks a special beginning to our new year calendar: PM Modi

01:52 pm: 

01:49 pm: India, Israel exchange agreement on film making.

01:48 pm: 

01:28 pm: 

12:18 pm: 

11:07 am: 

10:49 am: 

10:25 am: It began with PM Modi's historic visit to Israel that created tremendous enthusiasm, it continues with my visit here which I must say is deeply moving for me, my wife and people of Israel. Heralds a flourishing partnership to bring prosperity, peace and progress for our people: Netanyahu

10:18 am: 

10:15 am: 

10:10 am: 

09:40 am: 

PM Modi on Sunday set aside protocol to personally receive his Israeli counterpart and "friend" Benjamin Netanyahu with a warm hug as he arrived here on a six-day visit to step up growing trade as well as military and strategic ties between the two countries.

Netanyahu said that even though the Jewish state was "disappointed" by India's vote at the UN against the Jerusalem issue, one negative vote will not affect the ties.

The visit, which marks 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, comes six months after Modi became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the Jewish state in July last year.

Before embarking on the flight to India, Netanyahu said his trip was intended to strengthen bilateral relations "even more".

"This visit is an opportunity to enhance cooperation with a global economic, security, technology and tourism power," he said. "Modi is a close friend of Israel and of mine and I appreciate the fact that he will accompany me on extensive parts of my visit."

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