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Christmas 2023 celebrations: Safe drinking tips to keep in mind

On the occasion of Christmas, you must be attending parties and drinking alcohol, but here are a few safety tips that you should keep in mind during this time of the year.

Written By: Sakshi Verma @ New Delhi Published on: December 25, 2023 19:12 IST
Christmas 2023 celebrations: Safe drinking tips
Image Source : FREEPIK Christmas 2023 celebrations: Safe drinking tips

The festival of Mary Christmas is here. Although Christmas is a holy festival of people associated with Christianity, it is celebrated with great pomp by people of almost all religions. Preparations for the arrival of the New Year also begin from this day. Hence, parties and drinking alcohol will be very common during this time. Drinking alcohol is harmful in any situation. But if some tips are followed. So perhaps that loss can be reduced to some extent. Learn about those tips here:

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  • Eat something before drinking: Alcohol enters the human bloodstream. In such a situation, it is important that whenever a person starts drinking alcohol, they should eat something before that. By drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, the alcohol enters our bloodstream, and due to this a lot of damage can be caused. Drink enough water before alcohol. Instead of eating spicy and salty food, one should eat dry fruits or salad.
  • Speed of drinking: Many people gulp down a peg of liquor in 10 minutes. This can be quite harmful. If you want alcohol to cause minimal harm to your body. So one should drink it very slowly. Only one peg should be taken in an hour. If you drink alcohol rapidly, the alcohol level in your blood starts increasing, which is called BAC-Blood alcohol level.
  • Do not impose conditions on alcohol: Many people also impose conditions on drinking alcohol. Someone bets to drink the entire bottle. So someone places a bet to swallow the entire peg in one go. This is a foolish act. Due to this, more alcohol will enter your body at once, which will cause great harm to the body. It would be better if you played a game along with drinking alcohol or being engrossed in music. So that you concentrate less on alcohol and drink it slowly.
  • Do not drive: We should keep in mind that we should never drive after drinking alcohol. The amount of alcohol in our blood should remain less than 0.03% in 100 ml of blood. If BAC is high and driving is a legal offense and road accidents may also occur.

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