Thursday, May 16, 2024
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From Sleep Therapy Bath Oils to Self-Heating Coffee Mug: 10 gift ideas for every kind of mom

Find the perfect gift guide this Mother's Day for every kind of mom out there. Gifts should be as unique as our moms are. To make them feel special find gifts for the moms who love to bake, work, nurture and shop. Find gift ideas and ways to make this Mother's Day special for your loved one.

Kristina Das Edited By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Updated on: May 10, 2024 12:33 IST
mother's day 2024 gift ideas
Image Source : FREEPIK Gift ideas for every kind of mom.

Every day is Mother’s Day but some days are a little more special to show the women in our lives a little extra love. To make them feel special, we must first recognise that our mothers are unique in their own ways. Here’s our guide to showing the wonderful women in our lives our love, through gifts that are special as they are.

For the ‘Health-is-Wealth’ Mom:

The mothers who always remind you to eat an almond before leaving for school/work or insist on organic ingredients, there is nothing better than giving your mother the gift of health itself on this special day. 

  • Superfood Gift Box: Food is the key to a woman’s heart and a healthy gut! Try curating a hamper of superfoods such as luxe flax seeds, premium fruit, essential bio-oils, dry fruits, coffee and other health essentials packed in a biodegradable gift box. Additionally, you can gift her a monthly subscription to Premium Fruits. You can personalise the hamper to meet your mom’s personal health needs and give her the gift of a longer and healthier life! 
  • Self-Heating Coffee Mug: For mothers who need their cups of chai and coffee to keep them going during the day, a self-heating coffee mug is the perfect solution to save them from multiple trips to the kitchen. Give your mother the gift of relaxation in bed with a cup that keeps their chai warm all day long.

For the ‘Plant Mom’:

Sometimes, you aren’t the only love of your mother’s life, you may just have to share that place with a familiar green-coloured being in the house. To the mothers who not only nourish their children but also their green companions with love, here are some gifts you can give to help them ‘grow’ their passion.

  • Plant Growth Sticks: Save your mother the trouble of soiling her pots over and over again or going through the trouble of obtaining the perfect compost mix. These trending plant solutions only require your mother to place the stick in their pots and watch their green companions bloom to life! 
  • Self-Watering Plants: Does your mother love her garden but does not have time to maintain it every day? Self-watering plants to the rescue! The innovative mechanism of the pots enables the plants to maintain their moisture and ensures that the mother comes home to a lush, green, garden without any added stress.

For the ‘Chic’ Mom:

To the mothers who are always dressed to impress, there is nothing more special than adding a little extra spark to their wardrobe. Check out these recommendations to surprise your mother with these trending additions to her closet.

  • Pure Cotton Saree: The glamour and ‘wedding appropriate’ Banarasi silk may not be the weave for everyone. If your mother likes to maintain style and comfort, consider gifting her a luxury pure cotton saree to battle the season’s heat in high fashion. Try to go for soft pastel colours, subtle patterns and tassels for the trendiest and most timeless saree preferences of 2024.
  • Hand-Painted Wooden Jewellery: Yet another trending staple in ethnic wear this year, gift your mother fashion and sustainability. The off-beat jewellery trend not only supports your local artisans and Indian art, it also adds a perfect statement piece to your mother’s everyday look.

For the ‘Girl-Boss’ Mom:

Salute to the mothers who are our role models as they juggle their home and work lives perfectly. Gift your mother the benefits of relaxation and some ‘me-time’ through these gift ideas.

  • Sleep Therapy Bath Oils: Gift your mother a good night’s sleep with these bath oils after a long day’s work. Available across various bath and body brands in various scents, these are sure to alleviate the stress after a working day.
  • A Trip to the Spa: Help your mother relax those tense muscles with a package from your nearest spa! Our mothers rarely take out time for their well-being and Mother’s Day would be the perfect opportunity to get the pedicure, massage and facial appointments that she has been postponing for a while.

For the ‘Pâtissier’ Mom:

These mothers make our birthdays the most special with their home-baked cakes and sweet treats all year long. What could be a better gift than supporting them with the ‘sweetest’ gifts by giving them these baker-friendly products to help them make their next perfect cookie?

  • Silicone Cookie Moulds: These special types of moulds allow for dough to spread faster and more evenly, resulting in browner, crunchier and less puffy cookies. This is the ideal gift for mothers with a passion for baking and enjoying a perfect home-cooked dessert!
  • Custom Recipe Books: There is nothing more special than a personalised gift! Assemble your mother’s recipes into a custom book and give her the delight of a cooking legacy that will follow for the next few years!

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