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Zika in India: 4 myths about Zika virus that you need not believe

Zika is a viral disease spread mainly by Aedes mosquitoes and unprotected sex.

India TV Lifestyle Desk India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: June 01, 2017 18:06 IST
zika virus myths
4 myths about Zika virus that you need not believe

As the cases of Zika has been found in India, it is evident that our country is no safe haven from this deadly disease. Zika is a viral disease spread mainly by Aedes mosquitoes and unprotected sex. Discovery of Zika in India has created a panic among people. As a result of this panic, many myths must’ve been circulated. But we need to keep the air clear about this deadly disease. Instead of believing the myths, let’s gather some solid information about the same. Here are 4 myths about Zika that you should never believe, come what may. 

Myth #1: You can get Zika from water 

Zika can be transmitted through Aedes mosquitoes, unprotected sex, blood transfusion and exposure to any other bodily fluid. There  is no evidence that Zika can be transmitted through water. 

Myth #2: Zika virus won’t affect your baby 

Zika infection in pregnant women can give rise to birth-related anomalies and neurological disorders like microcephaly. Although, the relation of these diseases with Zika is still unknown. But as many cases of microcephaly has been seen in the baby born from zika-infected mothers, doctors suggest women suffering from Zika to postpone their baby planning. 

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myth- zika will not affect the baby

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Myth #3: You cannot prevent Zika 

You can reduce your risk of catching Zika by protecting yourself from mosquitoes. Clear out their breeding grounds, use mosquito repellents and use condom to prevent zika-infection. Use a proper mosquito repellent especially during dawn and dusk, when the Aedes mosquitoes are most active. 

Myth #4: There’s a treatment to Zika virus 

Currently, there’s no vaccine or treatment for Zika virus. However, there are supportive therapies for people infected with Zika. Study is being conducted to devise a vaccine against the disease. 


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