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Lavender Love Garden Cocktail: Try this tantalizing drink this weekend in the comfort of your home

If you are counting down the days until the weekend arrives, you can finally indulge in some much-needed relaxation and fun with our favourite cocktails. Then here we have mentioned the recipe for your next favourite cocktail.

Edited By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: November 24, 2023 14:03 IST
Lavender Love Garden cocktail
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Lavender Love Garden cocktail recipe.

It has been a long week and we all deserve a little break! The weather is perfect for spending time outdoors, so if you are excited to try out some new drinks and maybe even create our own signature cocktail then Lavender Love cocktail is the one for you. 

Welcome to the Lavender Love Garden, a creation that's as enchanting as its name. The recipe of the innovative cocktail has been shared by Mixologist: Gaurav Singh, 54 Underverse, Sayaji - Indore. Lavender Love Garden combines the sophistication of gin with the delicate aroma of homemade lavender syrup and the refreshing fizz of tonic water. To top it all off, infuse it with a rich and aromatic wisp of fresh rosemary smoke.

Step into the realm of elegance and indulge in the Lavender Love Garden. This tantalizing drink embodies the spirit of celebration, taste, style, and luxury. Perfect for an evening of revelry or a quiet night out, this cocktail is an instant classic. Let's dive into the recipe so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home.          


  • Gin - 60ml
  • Lavender Syrup - 15-20 ml
  • Tonic Water
  • Rosemary Smoke


  • Fill the shaker with Ice cubes and add 60 ml of Gin
  • Pour some lavender syrup 15-20 ml
  • Shake them together 
  • Burn some rosemary to create the smoke
  • Pour into a goblet glass top up with tonic water and for the rich aroma infuse the drink with some rosemary smoke.

The thought of spending a relaxing evening with good company, delicious drinks, and great music is making us eagerly wait for the weekend. Sipping this exotic will be a perfect way to unwind and recharge before another busy week ahead. 

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