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Hanuman Jayanti 2024: Modak to Laddu, 5 bhog items to offer Lord Hanuman

Feel the essence of devotion on Hanuman Jayanti 2024 by offering Lord Hanuman the auspicious five bhog items, symbolising reverence and devotion. Dive into this sacred celebration with offerings of bananas, honey, jaggery, butter, and sesame oil, honoring the beloved deity.

Written By: Muskan Gupta @guptamuskan_ New Delhi Published on: April 23, 2024 10:40 IST
Hanuman Jayanti 2024
Image Source : GOOGLE Hanuman Jayanti 2024: 5 bhog items to offer Lord Hanuman

Hanuman Jayanti, the auspicious celebration of the birth of Lord Hanuman, holds profound significance in Hindu culture. Devotees across the world commemorate this day with fervour and devotion, seeking blessings for strength, courage, and protection. One of the essential aspects of this celebration is offering bhog (food offerings) to Lord Hanuman as a token of reverence and gratitude. As we honour the divine qualities of Lord Hanuman on this auspicious day, let us reflect on his unwavering devotion, selflessness, and indomitable spirit, which continue to inspire millions across the globe. Here are five traditional bhog items that devotees can offer this Hanuman Jayanti 2024.


Modak, a sweet dumpling, holds a special place in Hindu rituals and festivals. This delectable treat is often offered to Lord Hanuman as a symbol of devotion and love. Made from rice flour or wheat flour stuffed with jaggery, coconut, and nuts, modaks signify the sweetness of devotion that devotees offer to the mighty deity.


Laddu, a round-shaped sweet made from flour, sugar, and ghee, is another favourite offering to Lord Hanuman. It represents prosperity and happiness. Devotees believe that offering laddus to Hanuman on his auspicious day brings blessings for success and fulfilment of desires.


Lord Hanuman is often depicted holding a mace (gada) in one hand and a ripe, yellow banana in the other. Offering bananas to Hanuman symbolises humility, devotion, and simplicity. It is believed that presenting this humble fruit pleases Hanuman and invokes his blessings for strength and protection.

Boondi Ladoo

Boondi ladoo, small, round-shaped sweet balls made from gram flour, sugar, and ghee, are a popular offering to various Hindu deities, including Lord Hanuman. These delicious treats symbolise the sweetness of devotion and the fulfilment of wishes. Offering boondi ladoo to Hanuman is believed to bring joy, prosperity, and spiritual upliftment.

Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi (holy basil) holds immense significance in Hinduism and is considered sacred. Offering fresh tulsi leaves to Lord Hanuman is a simple yet powerful way to express devotion and seek his blessings. Tulsi leaves are believed to purify the mind, body, and soul and are offered along with other bhog items as a mark of respect and reverence.

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