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5 reasons why Sattu is a must-have flour in summer

Sattu is a versatile ingredient which contains various health benefits such as high nutritional value and regulating blood sugar levels, among various other health benefits. Read more to find out its health benefits and ways to consume the organic ingredient.

Edited By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Updated on: May 24, 2024 13:02 IST
5 reasons why Sattu is a must-have flour in summer
Image Source : FREEPIK 5 reasons why Sattu is a must-have flour in summer

Sattu or roasted chickpea flour is an ingredient that is trending among fitness enthusiasts this season. Known to be 100% organic and for its incredible nutritional value, it can be used in a variety of ways to become a staple in your summer diet.

Boosts energy levels

Sattu contains complex carbohydrates which make it an ideal food for those leading an active lifestyle. Sattu helps provide a slowed, sustained release of energy, ensuring that energy levels are consistently high for longer periods. Additionally, the carbohydrates present in Sattu prevent fatigue and increase endurance. 

Regulates blood sugar levels

Due to its low-calorie count, Sattu does not artificially elevate sugar levels in the blood, making it a healthier alternative to wheat flour. Sattu is rich in magnesium content, which aids in stabilising blood sugar levels and prevents blood-related diseases. Additionally, the blood-regulating properties also contribute to maintaining a healthy heart rhythm. The flour’s chemical properties cause it to release sugar in the bloodstream slowly, preventing sudden spikes in blood sugar.

Aids in digestion

Rich in fibre, Sattu acts as a natural laxative and breaks down food in the stomach more easily. This property helps prevent constipation and regulate daily bowel movements. Furthermore, it also acts like a prebiotic, supporting gut health. Additionally, the fibre content supports an increase in stool movement. As a result of this, it is a great alternative for people suffering from constipation and other digestive problems. 

Helps manage weight

The fibre present in Sattu also helps regulate appetite by reducing the urge to binge eat. Fibre causes one to feel full and has digestive benefits which can cause one to feel less inclined towards engaging in unhealthy eating. Additionally, the protein and low-fat content promotes low-calorie intake, controls cravings and helps with sustainable weight loss.

High nutritional value

Sattu contains plant-based protein and fibre. It also includes a large amount of essential amino acids, iron, calcium, phosphorous and B-complex vitamins. All of these nutrients aid in maintaining bone structure, gut health, and nerve functions.

Ways to consume Sattu

  • Sattu juice
  • Sattu Ka Laddoo
  • Sattu Paratha
  • Sattu-Mango Drink
  • Sattu and Milk Porridge
Try adding Sattu to your diet and witness how your health transforms!

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