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Kiwi Health Benefits: Know when and how this power-packed fruit should be consumed

From boosting immunity to improving eyesight, eating kiwi fruit has many health benefits. Let us tell you at what time eating it will be more beneficial for you.

Written By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: May 27, 2024 8:39 IST
Know when and how to eat kiwi for optimal health benefits
Image Source : FREEPIK Know when and how to eat kiwi for optimal health benefits.

We all know how beneficial the consumption of fruits is for us. Fruits rich in nutrients make our health even better. There are some fruits which are a storehouse of qualities, that is, many types of nutrients are found in them. One of these fruits is kiwi, the popularity of this fruit which tastes sour and sweet has increased a lot these days. The most special thing about this fruit is that you can consume it both with and without peeling. People like its sour and sweet taste very much. But do you know that by consuming it you stay away from many diseases? Let us tell you today about the benefits of kiwi and also when and how it should be consumed.

Kiwi is full of nutrients

Potassium, fibre, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin E and polyphenols are found in abundance in kiwi. Also, kiwi has very low calories, so this fruit is like nectar for those who want to lose weight. Let us tell you in which diseases this fruit is effective.

Kiwi is beneficial in these problems

  • Improves eyesight: Do you know that kiwi is very beneficial for eyesight? Consuming it improves your eyesight and removes the problem of blurred vision.
  • Make immunity strong: People who have weak immunity are easily susceptible to seasonal diseases. In such a situation, to increase your immunity, consume kiwi. The vitamin C present in it helps in increasing your weak immunity. Therefore, consuming kiwi can be effective for you. 
  • Healthy for the heart:  Consuming kiwi improves your heart health. The fibre and potassium present in it controls bad cholesterol and work to strengthen the arteries.
  • Eliminate constipation: If you are a patient with constipation, then consume 2 to 3 kiwis daily. Kiwi is very beneficial in removing the problem of constipation, it also has properties that cleanse the stomach.

When should we consume kiwi?

You should consume kiwi between 10 and noon instead of afternoon or evening. Kiwi contains a lot of nutrients which take great care of your health. You can also eat it on an empty stomach. However, eating sour fruit on an empty stomach can cause acidity, so instead of eating it on an empty stomach, eat it after having some breakfast. 

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