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Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight: Superhero powers, major characters and what to expect from Marvel series

Moon Knight's crime fighting spree will see a mix of hand-to-hand combat and supernatural powers. We take a look at what the new Marvel Studios series starring Oscar Isaac has to offer.

Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Published on: January 18, 2022 13:52 IST
Moon Knight is the latest MCU show and will premiere on March 30

Moon Knight is the latest MCU show and will premiere on March 30


  • Moon Knight is the latest superhero in the armour of Marvel Studios
  • Moon Knight will exhibit supernatural powers as bestowed upon him by Egyptian god Khonshu
  • Moon Knight will feature Ethan Hawke as mysterious villain Arthur Harrow

Marvel Studios series Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac in the title role, will stream on Disney+Hotstar from March 30. The studio, known for backing big-budget sci-fi and superhero films and series, shared the first look at its newest superhero in a trailer. As soon as the new clip made its way online, people are scratching their heads trying to figure out what the new series is all about and who this superhero is? We break it down for you. 

What is Moon Knight about?

As per Marvel, Moon Knight series follows Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), a mild-mannered gift-shop employee, who becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life. Steven discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge upon them, they must navigate their complex identities while thrust into a deadly mystery among the powerful gods of Egypt.

In some of the shots, we see that Steven is hallucinating and is plagued by visions, which may or may not be true. The teaser has raised the expectations of the audience and Oscar may be the perfect choice for the role.   

Moon Knight villain

Played by Ethan Hawke, the main villain of the series will be named Arthur Harrow. The trailer projects him as a sort of a cult leader with followers bowing down at his feet. More villains and dangers may be in store for Moon Knight in the series. 


Moon Knight trailer gives a glimpse of the mysterious character Khonshu. Steven is seen confronting him in a hallway as he screams for help. Khonshu is an Egyptian moon god and seems to have bestowed some powers upon Steven and will help him confront his reality.

Moon Knight superhero powers 

As per Marvel, Moon Knight will exhibit periodic demonstrations of supernatural powers such as enhanced strength during nights with full moons, prophetic visions and dreams, and the ability to drain another person’s life energies through physical contact. He will also be deadly at hand-to-hand combat. In the closing scenes of the trailer, Moon Knight is seen jumping off buildings. 

Moon Knight costume

The superhero suit of Moon Knight has a mummy-like quality to it, as seen in the transformation sequence. It wraps around like bandages on the body of Steven. It will tie the show with Egyptian culture and mythology. 

Moon Knight's agenda

Moon Knight is a vigilante and his mission will be to fight crime. His crime-fighting spree will be a mix of combat action and display of supernatural abilities. 

How excited are you for the newest superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?



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