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Sherlyn Chopra files complaint against Sajid Khan over sexual exploitation, says 'no one is above law'

Sherlyn Chopra filed a sexual molestation complaint against #MeToo accused and Bigg Boss 16 contestant Sajid Khan at Juhu Police Station.

India TV Entertainment Desk Edited By: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Published on: October 20, 2022 22:13 IST
Sherlyn Chopra,  Sajid Khan
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Sherlyn Chopra and Sajid Khan

Sherlyn Chopra, who filed a police complaint against #MeToo accused Sajid Khan, has said that she wants the filmmaker to be put behind the bars as "no one is above the law." Sajid was mired in the #MeToo controversy in 2018 after nine women from the industry - who worked with him on his various projects - had accused the filmmaker of sexually harassing them. Along with Sherlyn, actresses including Saloni Chopra, Aahana Kumra and Mandana Karimi, levelled the allegations against him. 

Sherlyn, who has now filed a police complaint against the filmmaker at the Juhu police station in Mumbai, spoke to ANI, about the entire controversy and why it took her years to come forward. "I have recently filed a complaint against #MeToo accused Sajid Khan in Juhu Police Station for sexual exploitation, criminal force and criminal intimidation. The first thing that the police asked me was when did this incident happen, to which I replied that it happened in 2005. Further, when they asked me why it took me so long to reach out to them, I said that back then I did not have the courage to file a sexual exploitation complaint against a big name like Sajid Khan," she said.

She then shared that during the #MeToo movement when the other women "came out fearlessly in the open to share their experiences in front of the media," the actress also got the courage to speak out.

"Anyone can read those media interviews or go on social media to know how #MeToo accused Sajid Khan behaved inappropriately with those women. He asked some of them about sex, like how many times a day you have sex, how many boyfriends they have, and he showed me his genitals and made me touch. The question that arises is can a woman not share her pain even years after the incident, obviously she can. Back then, I did not have the courage but today I do. Today, I feel that be it Sajid Khan or Raj Kundra, if they have done wrong, I can raise my voice against them," shared Sherlyn. ALSO READ: 'Evict Sajid Khan from Bigg Boss 16', posts Ali Fazal after uproar from actresses, DCW chief & more

Further, she spoke about the evidence regarding her claims against Sajid and stated that even back then she "did not have any evidence against him because I don't carry a spy camera during a professional meeting with a director or producer."

She added, "So, if the police had asked me about evidence, then what could I have said, it would have been his word against mine. It all comes down to credibility and status; he is obviously much bigger than me?"

"I did tell my friends and close ones about it but not my family because I thought about what would they think about me. I had lost my father at the time, hence my family was already very disturbed and by telling this I did not want to add to it. So, yes whatever information I have and whatever witnesses are there, I am ready to present them. But if you ask me that do I have it all on camera then no because I don't carry a spy camera for professional meetings though these were causal meetings for him, a way to get what he wanted," continued Sherlyn.

In the end, Sherlyn expressed that she wants Sajid to be jailed, similar to Harvey Weinstein, who in February 2020 was found guilty of third-degree rape and a first-degree illegal sexual act. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison in a verdict hailed by the #MeToo movement. "I would want like in Hollywood Harvey Weinstein got a 23-year jail sentence, similarly Bollywood's #MeToo accused Sajid Khan should too be jailed. The duration of his sentence would be decided by the judges keeping in mind the statements of all the women who have come out. I want the people of this country to understand that no accused, be they rich or poor, Sajid Khan or Raj Kundra, no one is above law," she said.

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