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Aryan Khan Drug Case: Key points made by NCB's lawyer Anil Singh against SRK's son's bail

Bombay HC has granted bail to Aryan Khan after hearing the arguments for 3 days. The detailed order will be given tomorrow. During today's session, NCB'S lawyer Anil Singh responded to Aryan Khan's lawyer's arguments. Singh said Aryan is a regular consumer of drugs.

Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Updated on: October 28, 2021 17:04 IST
Aryan Khan

Aryan Khan Drug Case: Key points made by NCB's lawyer Anil Singh against SRK's son's bail

Aryan Khan along with Arbaaz Merchantt, Munmun Dhamecha and others on Thursday (October 28) granted bail in connection with the cruise drugs seizure case. Today, the hearing session in the Bombay High Court started with Additional Solicitor General of India (ASG) Anil Singh, who represented the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), responding to the arguments presented by lawyers of the three accused in court yesterday. Anil Singh said Shah Rukh Khan's son is a regular consumer of drugs and there was evidence to prove that the star kid has been providing drugs.

Aryan Khan consumes drug

NCB's lawyer said that the star kid regular consumes drugs. "Aryan Khan is a regular consumer of drugs. There is evidence to prove that he has been providing drugs," Anil Singh said.

Aryan Khan was in conscious possession of drug

Anil Singh stated "If two people are together and one person knows about the possession and use of drugs of the second person, then the first person is in conscious possession." Talking about Arbaaz's drug possession, Singh added, "They (Aryan and Arbaaz) are childhood friends. They travelled together and were going to be staying in the same room. Aryan Khan was in conscious possession of drugs. This case is about conscious possession and planning to consume."

Application of section 28 and 29 

NCB's lawyer argued "When we apply Section 28 and 29 commercial quantity kicks in." There were variety of drugs, because of which Section 28 and 29 was applied. "There were variety of drugs and the cruise was two days. So, it cannot be that this as personal consumption. Because the quantity and the multiple drugs. This is why we have applied Sections 28, 29."

Singh further added that the arrest memo mentions about commercial quantity (of drugs) & it also mentions that Aryan Khan had a connection with commercial quantity. They have still not challenged the remand orders. "If we relied upon WhatsApp chat, he (Aryan Khan) had made an attempt to deal in commercial quantity (of drugs)."

Charas consumption

Anil Singh in his argument said, "The charas was meant for smoke during cruise journey. They were in possession though physically with Arbaaz. And it was for their consumption."

No illegal arrest 

ASG said that it is not an illegal arrest, "My contention is he was found in possession. He was connected with drug peddlers. It was commercial quantity. Hence we invoked 28 and 29. So it cannot be illegal arrest. Conspiracy is difficult to prove. Only the conspirator knows how they conspired. I will leave to the conscience of the court."

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