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Aap Ki Adalat: Rapper Badshah says some media people are really 'bewaqoof', they distort things

Rapper super star, singer, and writer Badshah has hit out at sections of media describing some of them as 'bewaqoof' and 'irresponsible'.

India TV Entertainment Desk Written By: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Updated on: December 02, 2023 22:41 IST
Aap Ki Adalat: Rapper Badshah in conversation with Rajat
Image Source : INDIA TV Aap Ki Adalat: Rapper Badshah in conversation with Rajat Sharma

New Delhi: Rapper superstar, singer and writer Badshah has hit out at sections of media describing some of them as 'bewaqoof' and 'irresponsible'.

Responding to Rajat Sharma's questions in the 'Aap Ki Adalat' show, on India TV, the popular rapper said, "I am really angry at some people. I have just got one single gift, that is, writing (lyrics) and I will use it to express myself. Your 'Aap Ki Adalat' show has been going on gracefully, with dignity, for the last 30 years. But I think, 'some media waale' are really 'bewaqoof'. In their bid to sensationalise things, they distort. This is very irresponsible of them."

When Rajat Sharma said it could be true of many professions, when some singers use vulgar words in their songs, Badshah replied, "Bilkul, main maanta hoon" (Yes, I agree).

Rajat Sharma: Why do you do this?

Badshah: Sir, I try my best not to do it, but sometimes I suddenly get this instinct when I feel I should raise my voice myself.

Rajat Sharma: In Instagram, you've named your handle '@badboyshah and you've named your online clothing store 'badfit'?

Badshah: I have made their expectations zero. I shall continue to remain the world's 'bad boy', whatever I do. Even before they abuse me, I tell myself I am a 'buraa insaan' (bad boy). I know, what I am. But I have made people's expectations zero.

Badshah, known for his use of raunchy and double-entendre lyrics in his rap songs, was asked why he was trying to put the young generation on the wrong path.

The singer replied, "Bigde hi hue hain (they are already astray). Thoda Sa Bigdaa Hua Hona Chahiye (They should remain somewhat astray). Jo bhi main likhta hoon, chal hi rahi hai (whatever I write, is being accepted)... Art is when you convey everything without saying those words."

Rajat Sharma: But parents do not like their children singing such songs?

Badshah: Then I would say, let the parents hear those songs, not their children. But remember, these children will one day become parents.

The rap singer said, the song 'Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai' was written for a teenage party for Disney Films. "Disney waale toh 'saala' word bhi use nahin karne detey' (Disney guys do not even allow use of word 'saala').

On the recent controversy over his song 'Sanak' in which the lyrics had to be changed because it caused disrespect to Lord Shiva, Badshah said, "I have already tendered an apology. I never intended to make fun of Lord Shiva. I am his great 'bhakt' (devotee). When you write lyrics as a creative, you don't think about so many things, you only think about the creative process. As time passes, either I realize or I am made to realize that you are also a socially responsible citizen of the country. I never made fun of or will never make fun of any Bhagwaan."

Badshah, who recently returned from his UK tour, said, "My agenda is to make Indian music global. I will make the goraas (whites) speak Hindi words."

The rap singer described how during the early stage of his career, a man came up at his Ludhiana show and created a scene, after whipping out a pistol. "I told him to keep the pistol in his pocket. He told me, you speak about 'goli' (bullets) in your song, why are you afraid of seeing this pistol? He agreed. Such things are normal." Badshah furthermore said, his lines about 'aunty police bula legi' were based on a real-life incident. "It happened to me. And I wrote those lines. The aunty called the police, the police came, there was a settlement and the police went away. We handled it."

The rap star admitted how his ventures in launching a music channel and making films flopped. "I launched the music channel to finish off MTV. Within six months, we had to close down the channel. My first film was a hit, but the next film collected only Rs 35 lakhs from box office."

Badshah disclosed how his lines "ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull" were based on his friend who used the word 'chull' frequently while having momos in Delhi's Vikas Puri. "I got the idea from him. But Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hai lines came from my Chacha Ji, who used to frequently say, 'abhi toh party shuru hui hai'. .. As in media, you find news in everything, similarly we find lyrics in everything."

Badshah on Shah Rukh Khan

The popular rap star disclosed why he took the nickname 'Badshah' from Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan. "I am his biggest fan like millions of others. He did a special thing for me. He asked me to write a song for his team. I wrote the song, and when his manager Pooja Ma'am asked about my fees, I said, I needed a Playstation 5, which had been launched at that time, and was not available in India. I got a message from Sir (Shah Rukh) that your Playstation has come, where should we send it? I was such a 'bewaqoof', 'moorkh' (foolish) that I did not take Sir's signature on that PlayStation packet. SRK ko mere liye kuch karne ki zaroorat nahin hai. Woh is dharti pe hain, yahi bahut badi cheez hai," the rapper revealed. (SRK Sir need not do anything for me. The very fact that he is on this earth is a great thing.)

Rapper Badshah on his tattoo

Badshah displayed the tattoo on his wrist in the 'Aap Ki Adalat' show and said, "This is a broken heart, on which I have put a band-aid. It is not good for a man to put this tattoo at the age of 35."

Rajat Sharma: "Who was she who broke your heart?"

Badshah: Thee, Sir, Koi. (Yes, there was one) Now she has kids and a husband. She leads a family life. 

Rajat Sharma: Was there one or many?

Badshah laughed and replied, "Todne Waali Toh Ek Hi Thi, Baaqi....? Sometimes people become so mad that they deliberately get their hearts broken. They deliberately create such situations. Such people are funny."

Rajat Sharma: Did a broken heart help you in life?

Badshah: Bahut fayda hota hai. Acche hit gaane nikal aatey hain. (It helped a lot. Good hit songs come out).

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