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Avatar 2 Movie Review: James Cameron's audiences dive deeper into mesmerising Pandora with each passing minute

Avatar 2 Review: James Cameron's sci-fi film is visually arresting. The story centered around the Sully family and the values the Na'vis stand for makes it a deeply emotional and moving watch.

Devasheesh Pandey Updated on: December 16, 2022 17:51 IST
James Cameron
Avatar 2 Movie Review: The Hollywood film is directed by James CameronPhoto:INDIA TV
  • Movie Name:Avatar 2
  • Critics Rating: 4 / 5
  • Release Date: DEC 16, 2022
  • Director: James Cameron
  • Genre: Sci-fi, Action

Avatar 2 Movie Review: The events have been set in motion for James Cameron's Avatar universe to enthrall the audience. With Avatar: The Way of Water, the filmmaker has not only presented himself as someone who is directing content with the distant future in mind but also bringing to light the pressing themes of the current times. Even though the Avatar sequel is visually arresting and leaves no stone unturned in catching attention with each passing second, the emotional quotient in the movie has been turned up, making it an even more splendid watch, one that will leave you with conflicted thoughts and feelings.

In the Avatar sequel, the battle in Pandora is over but the war seems to have just begun. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) have expanded their family after defeating the 'Sky People', led by Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang). Now, he returns as a Na'vi and seeks revenge. What follows next is Jake's fight for his family's survival as they look for refuge in other parts of the planet and learn the 'way of the water'.

Avatar starts off by throwing you right in between the beautiful forests on Pandora. It does take time for the viewers to acquaint their eyes with the psychedelic colours bursting forth from every corner of the screen but once settled in, you keep getting drawn into the Avatar universe. The first hour sets the narrative in motion and the visuals revisit the first film, but it is well-balanced with fast pacing and good progression. Different characters are introduced and their motives are made clear. Once Cameron gets over with this drill, the real magic begins underwater. 

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What is seen on screen next is better experienced that described. Be assured that every praise will be in the superlative form when Avatar 2's underwater sequences will be discussed. With each breath, you dive deeper into the mesmerising world that Cameron is in total control of. Each frame is intricately designed and detailed. The efforts of the VFX team and the vision of the director power this true cinematic achievement. The visual tone is a departure from the first Avatar and presents a totally unique experience, one unseen, unimagined and inexpressible. The terrific views of Pandora will leave you spellbound as the background score keeps on building up feelings of child-like wonder. That is the power of Avatar: The Way of Water.


In the final act, the action is not on as big a scale as Avatar, but still enthralling and well-executed. After the conclusion, one will come to appreciate this restraint on Cameron's behalf. The makers are setting up an immense scale for the future and where this franchise can go is anyone's guess. 

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Avatar will leave you thinking. The film progresses on similar themes- exploration, exploitation and futility of war (Jake Sully points this out appropriately when he says 'killing, no matter how justified, brings more killing') - but adds more layers and depth. Visual achievement aside, Avatar makes you believe in humanity. That is and will drive its immense popularity across generations.