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Ravi Kishan in Aap Ki Adalat: When Bigg Boss changed his life after Bhojpuri films' success made him arrogant

Bhojpuri superstar and Gorakhpur BJP MP Ravi Kishan faced difficult questions posed by Rajat Sharma on Aap Ki Adalat. He also shared how Bigg Boss changed his life. Keep scrolling for more details.

Written By: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Updated on: March 25, 2023 22:51 IST
Ravi Kishan in Aap Ki Adalat
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Ravi Kishan in Aap Ki Adalat

The Bhojpuri superstar and Bharatiya Janata Party MP Ravi Kishan, who is hailed as Dev Anand of the Bhojpuri film industry faced tough questions from India TV Editor-in-Chief and Chairman Rajat Sharma in his much-loved and popular show, Aap Ki Adalat. Ravi Kishan candidly answered Rajat Sharma's questions on his journey from cinema to politics, while he wins the hearts of the audience with his many popular dialogues, he revealed how Bigg Boss changed his life. He even accepted that he became arrogant after getting success in Bhojpuri films.

When did Rajat Sharma ask him did Bigg Boss reform you? Ravi Kishan said, "I had become arrogant after my movies became hits. My wife advised me to join Bigg Boss. After initial reluctance, I went. After remaining locked in their set for three months, when I came out, I had changed a lot. Not only I became popular, but I became a normal person. I sorted out my family life, my wife and children, during that period. After I came out of three months of 'prison' (qaid), I became a prisoner of spirituality. Bigg Boss affected my life deeply."

He added, When you are locked in for a period, you either deteriorate (bigad jaye) or you reform yourself. You have time on your hands, no mobile, no TV, nothing. Whatever you do, you use your brain. Rajat Sharma also asked about the risk of joining Bigg Boss as he had 17 films in hand. 

To which Ravi Kishan answered, "It was a big risk. I thought by the time I come out, there will be many new heroes. In the film industry, if you are missing for even two days, new heroes emerge. It is natural. Nobody waits for you. We live under a false impression that the industry runs because of you. Nobody should have such a false impression. The wheel of time moves. I knew I was taking a risk, for the sake of my family". 

For the unversed, Ravi Kishan appeared on the first season of the famous reality show Bigg Boss. Though he didn't win the show, he ended up being the second runner-up.

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