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5 TV couples who called it quits in 2017

Have a look at five TV couples who parted their ways this year and, shocked us all.

Tripti Karki Written by: Tripti Karki New Delhi Updated on: December 22, 2017 19:51 IST
TV celeb breakups of 2017
TV celeb breakups of 2017

The glitzy, glamorous celebrity life comes at a cost and too many failed fairy-tale romances have proven it time and again. Many famous TV couples, who were once head over heels in love and bound by holy matrimony, fell apart eventually. We have a list of a few such couples who called it quits in 2017. It seems that they found an answer only in separation to solve their personal issues. Have a look at five TV couples who parted their ways this year and, shocked us all.

Rinku Dhawan and Kiran Karmarkar

The star couple Rinku Dhawan and Kiran Karmarkar, who got married 15 years ago, are facing troubles in their relationship. According to sources, the two have been living separately for a year now.

India Tv - Rinku Dhawan and Kiran Karmarkar

Rinku Dhawan and Kiran Karmarkar

A source told Bombay Times, "After being together for 15 years, they have decided to separate because of unresolved differences — they believe it is better than living in constant acrimony. The decision is amicable and their priority is their teenager son." Rinku and Kiran met on the sets of Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki.

Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff

One of the most good-looking couples in the Indian TV industry, Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff, tied the knot in February 2009 and the couple has a daughter named Samaira. Since a year, the couple has been facing troubles in their marriage. It was really shocking to know that all is not well between Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff. 

India Tv - Juhi and Sachin

Juhi and Sachin

According to a leading portal, things were fine during the initial years of marriage, trouble started brewing over a period of time and the differences crept into their relationship seemed irreconcilable. The actors have been staying separately for almost a year now, while Samaira stays with her mother Juhi, who will soon file for divorce as there is no chance of reconciliation.

Avinash Sachdev and Shalmalee Desai

There had been a strong buzz doing the rounds about Avinash Sachdev and Shalmalee Desai‘s relationship hitting a rough patch for quite some time now. Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon fame actors Avinash came to the forefront recently to speak on the issue.

India Tv - Avinash Sachdev and Shalmalee Desai

Avinash Sachdev and Shalmalee Desai

“I don't have a clue about what's happening in my marriage. Our families have been trying for a patch-up, but there has been no progress so far. I want to focus only on my work for now," replied the actor, who is also grappling with another emotional low — the recent death of his grandmother. He added, "I don't know if Shalmalee and I will get back together or we will separate forever. I am hoping that whatever happens, will happen in our best interests”, Avinash was quoted as saying to Times of India.

Mandana Karimi And Gaurav Gupta

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Mandana Karimi married longtime beau Gaurav Gupta in this January but within a couple of months of their marriage, their relationship has hit the rocky roads.

India Tv - Mandana Karimi And Gaurav Gupta

Mandana Karimi And Gaurav Gupta

Reportedly, Mandana had been evicted from her matrimonial house a few weeks ago and despite making desperate attempts to reconcile with them, they barred her from entering the house. Post this, Mandana slapped a domestic violence case on Gaurav’s face and this news had taken the internet by storm. Mandana has also demanded Rs 10 lakh for her basic necessities and Rs 2 crore for the trauma and agony that was caused by them. It is not a divorce case but to attain the rights of a legally wedded wife.

Sumeet Vyas And Shivani Tanksale

Sumeet Vyas’s, who is best known for his character Mikesh in the famous TVF web series Permanent Roommates, married life has hit the rocky patch and is heading for a divorce. The actor, who got married to actress Shivani Tanksale, met her while doing theatre and they hit it off instantly. The actor had always kept his personal life under wraps and when the news about their separation came out, it surely was heartbreaking for all his fans.

India Tv - Sumeet Vyas And Shivani Tanksale

Sumeet Vyas And Shivani Tanksale

Reportedly, Sumeet Vyas and wife Shivani Tanksale have been having issues in their marriage and are headed for a divorce. Their case is due in the court.

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