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LG breaks silence on Maliwal's alleged assault case: 'My CM would have come clean, rather...'; AAP hits back

AAP vs LG: It is alleged that Bibhav Kumar, who is CM personal assistant, assaulted AAP MP Swati Maliwal at the CM's residence on May 13 and the Opposition has been questioning Arvind Kejriwal's silence over the issue.

Edited By: Nivedita Dash @Nivedita0503 New Delhi Updated on: May 21, 2024 16:50 IST
AAP MP Swati Maliwal
Image Source : PTI AAP MP Swati Maliwal

AAP vs LG: Amid the inquiry which has been initiated into the Swati Maliwal alleged assault case, Lt. Governor, VK Saxena on Tuesday said that the 'CM would have come clean, rather than being evasive and dodgy.' Kejriwal was addressing a press conference on May 16 at Lucknow with Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav where the Delhi chief minister was asked about the incident. He avoided the question and it was fielded by Yadav and AAP MP Sanjay Singh.

"I have been deeply distressed over the unfolding media narrative over the last few days on the issue of alleged assault on Swati Maliwal, MP, Aam Admi Party, at the residence of Chief Minister, when she went there to meet him all alone. Yesterday, she called me out of sheer anguish, describing at length her traumatic experience, and the subsequent intimidation and shaming that she is being subjected to by her own colleagues. She also expressed concerns over reported tampering of evidence and coercion against her," read Delhi Raj Niwas statement by Lt. Governor, V.K. Saxena on the Swati Maliwal case.

He also said that CM Kejriwal should have come clean. "I would have expected that at least for the sake of propriety, my CM would have come clean, rather than being evasive and dodgy. His deafening silence speaks volumes of his stance on safety of women."

"Although Ms.Maliwal has been vociferous, hostile and blatantly partisan towards me and my office, often criticising me unjustifiably, yet any physical violence and hounding perpetrated on her are inexcusable and unacceptable. It is most disturbing to note that the alleged scene of the crime was the drawing room of the Chief Minister, even while he was present in the house, and the same was carried out by his closest aide on a lady who was alone." 

"Her fellow member of Rajya Sabha confirmed her narrative in full media glare and assured that the CM would take firm action against the culprit-his aide. Subsequently, a total U-turn was done in the matter, apparently at the behest of the highest functionary. This too is inexplicable and baffling," he added.

How did AAP react to LG's letter

Hours after VK Saxena's letter, AAP hit back and said, "LG's letter proves that Swati Maliwal is working for the BJP and that the party is coming up with new conspiracies every day in the elections including — liquor scam, Swati Maliwal fiasco, or false allegations of foreign funding. The BJP will adopt new tactics every day till the elections because it is losing badly. Now Modi ji's sinking boat is supported by Swati Maliwal. He wants to contest his election through Swati Maliwal."


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