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Pakistan declares cyber war, hackers deface NGT website

Pakistani hackers on Monday succeeded in hacking National Green Tribunal (NGT) website and defaced it.

India TV Tech Desk India TV Tech Desk New Delhi Updated on: October 03, 2016 20:04 IST
cyber war, Pakistan hackers, NGT website
Pakistani hackers today defaced the NGT website.

The tension between India and Pakistan following the surgical strikes carried out by Indian Armed Forces in the PoK has spilled over to the internet with hackers from both sides targeting government websites. 

Pakistani hackers on Monday succeeded in penetrating the security of National Green Tribunal website. The defaced website http://www.greentribunal.gov.in/ displayed a message by the hackers- “Website Stamped By D4RK 4NG31”

The message further read, “We are Unbeatable. You….. kill innocent people in kashmir and call your self defenders or your country. You…. violate the cease fire on border and call it "Surgical Strikes" Now kiss the burn of Cyber War.”

The website plays a background music, presumably an instrumental version of Pakistan’s national anthem. 

This comes after Indian cyber security organisation claimed to have entered Pakistan’s critical infrastructure systems, including the country’s defence infrastructure. 

“We have entered the critical infrastructure of Pakistan. The moment we get the go-ahead, we will destroy these,” S. Amar Prasad Reddy, Additional Director- General, National Cyber Safety and Security Standards had said, according to a report by The Hindu on Saturday. 

India Tv - hackers, NGT website, Pakistani hackers
NGT website was today hacked by Pakistani hackers

The tension in India-Pakistan relations is often played out in the cyber world with the hackers attacking each other’s cyber infrastructure. 

The action by Pakistani hackers comes a few days after India claimed to have carried out surgical strikes across the Line of Control (LoC) in the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) in retaliation of the terrorist attack at an Army base in Uri that claimed lives of 19 Indian soldiers. 

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