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PM Modi targets Lalu family at NDA's Jamui rally, says 'grabbed poor's land' | WATCH

PM Modi is launching the National Democratic Alliance’s (NDA) Lok Sabha election campaign in Bihar with a rally in Jamui. This event marks his first campaign appearance in the state since the election announcement.

Nitin Kumar Edited By: Nitin Kumar @Niitz1 Jamui Updated on: April 04, 2024 13:18 IST
PM Modi in Bihar
Image Source : PTI/FILE PHOTO PM Modi speaks during the election rally.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi kicked off his campaign for the Lok Sabha elections from the soil of Bihar’s Jamui with a resounding roar. The rally witnessed a display of unity, solidarity, and strength from the BJP in Bihar. Leaders from all factions of the NDA were present on stage with the PM. For the first time since the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Chirag Paswan and CM Nitish Kumar shared a platform. RLSP President Upendra Kushwaha was also present on the stage. PM Modi engaged in one-on-one conversations with all the colleagues as soon as he arrived on stage. Jamui MP Chirag Paswan welcomed PM Modi to the land of Jamui, praising him profusely.

PM Modi’s address in Bhojpuri: An electrifying start

PM Modi commenced the rally with an address in Bhojpuri. He first paid homage to Baba Dhaneshwar Nath, followed by reverence to the land of Bhagwan Mahavir’s enlightenment. He then posed a question to the gathering, asking whether it was an election rally or a victory march. He commended the massive turnout in Jamui, indicating the pulse of the people. The clamour raised in favour of the BJP and NDA in Jamui echoes not only in Bihar but resonates across the entire nation. With Jamui alongside Nawada, Munger, and Banka, all 40 seats of Bihar seem poised to be credited to the NDA, acknowledging the decision of the people of Bihar.

Remembrance of Ram Vilas Paswan

PM Modi expressed his gratitude for the warm reception he received whenever he visited Bihar, noting the absence of Ram Vilas Paswan, the beloved leader of Dalits and the marginalised, who was posthumously honoured with the Padma Vibhushan. PM Modi expressed satisfaction that Ram Vilas Ji’s legacy is being earnestly carried forward by his younger brother, Chirag Paswan, with full dedication. The support extended to the NDA on April 19, and each vote cast for Arun Bharati Ji will strengthen the resolve of Ram Vilas Ji’s ideals.

Praise for CM Nitish Kumar

Praising CM Nitish Kumar, PM Modi remarked that the land of Bihar has been instrumental in showing the direction to the entire nation. Bihar has played a significant role in the fight for independence and laying the foundation of independent India. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Bihar’s strength has not received justice. The NDA coalition has tirelessly worked to extricate Bihar from a state of chaos. The leadership of Nitish Babu has been crucial in this endeavour. Now is the time for Bihar to accelerate its pace of development. Therefore, the 2024 elections are crucial for the future of Bihar and India. This election is about fulfilling the dreams of a developed Bihar and strengthening the resolve for a developed India.

Taking aim at Pakistan from the soil of Jamui

Comparing the accomplishments of his government with the previous administrations, PM Modi took a strong stance against the opposition. He highlighted how, a decade ago, India’s image was tarnished globally, and terrorist attacks were met with complaints to other countries. Today, India under his leadership stands tall and asserts itself globally. He emphasized India’s economic growth, technological advancements, and achievements in space exploration, contrasting it with the neglected state of affairs in the past.

Evoking memories of Jungle Raj

PM Modi highlighted the transformation unfolding in Bihar, exemplified by the progress witnessed in Jamui. He recounted the dark days of the Jungle Raj under the RJD-led coalition, where Jamui’s identity was marred by naxalism and neglect. Today, Jamui is progressing swiftly on the highway of development. The menace of naxalism has been uprooted, and those who strayed towards it have been embraced back into the mainstream. The region is witnessing rapid infrastructural development, including the establishment of medical colleges, and its natural beauty is attracting visitors.

Recalling 10 years of development

PM Modi reviewed his government’s achievements over the past decade, emphasizing its commitment to uplift the poor. He reminded the audience that his government has prioritized the welfare of the underprivileged. He assured that the welfare measures initiated by his government, such as housing for the poor, free ration distribution, and healthcare, will continue uninterrupted. PM Modi also highlighted the vaccination campaign against foot-and-mouth disease for nearly 2 crore animals in Bihar. He contrasted his government’s transparent delivery of benefits to the poor with the corruption and negligence of the past administrations.


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