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Scorpio Personality Trait: They make good pair with Pisces, Virgo & Leo, know their compatibility with others

Scorpio Personality Trait: Scorpios like to be secretive about their life. They are known as creative masterminds who have great relationship compatibility with Aries, Taurus, Cancer and other zodiac signs.

Charu Jain Edited by: Charu Jain New Delhi Published on: May 18, 2022 10:23 IST
Scorpio Personality Traits

Scorpio Personality Traits


  • Scorpio likes to appreciate Capricon and supports them every single time
  • They are loyal and have no limits to attain their goals
  • Sometimes Scorpio can be obsessive, jealous, vengeful and manipulative

Scorpio Personality Trait: Scorpio is the eighth among the twelve zodiac signs and its symbol is a Scorpio. People of this zodiac sign are secretive in nature and tend to have long bonds. They are known to transform and reinvent themselves quite a few times. It is said that Scorpio has four incarnations. First is venomous, second is slippery, third is the soaring eagle, and lastly fourth is the rising phoenix. They are known to follow their gut most of the time. They are loyal, friendly, powerful, brave and protective. They love to protect their loved ones and fight for them if need be because they are highly emotional and sensitive. They are said to be focused and can go to limits to achieve their goal. They love art, innovation and free ideas. They are brave and can take any challenge that comes their way.

But sometimes they can be obsessive, jealous, vengeful and manipulative. They are stubborn and do not like to accept defeat at any time. They believe in taking revenge if someone has done wrong to them. They do not like to be hurt and that’s why they like to keep their feeling a secret. 

Scorpio’s compatibility with other zodiac signs

Aries: Both can be a good match as they are passionate about things. They really have to work hard on their relationship to keep it on track.

Taurus: It respects Scorpio and likes to motivate and support them a lot. Both are loyal and ambitious about their goals. Their temper is not good and they have to find balance in their life to control their anger when they are in a relationship. 

Gemini: They both do not connect on an emotional level. Gemini are more social in comparison to a Scorpio which makes them different from each other.

Cancer: Scorpio and Cancer have so many things in common. They both like privacy, are loyal and intuitive which helps them to bond with each other easily. Only sometimes they have differences of opinions.

Leo: It's a good match. Leo and Scorpio share the same qualities like loyalty, friendliness, and similar goals. Both only have differences between them because one is dominating and jealous and the other one like freedom and pride.

Virgo: Scorpio and Virgo can be a good match as both like to cooperate with one another on many levels. In this match Virgo allows Scorpio to take control over life and gets along in every phase of life easily.

Libra: They are opposite of each other and are not a suitable pair. They have different personality traits because of which their relationship does not work for a long time.

Sagittarius: Scorpio and Saggitarirus are not a great match at all. Both are opposite of each other. They often have conflicts on various subjects.

Capricorn: Both can be a good pair. Scorpio likes to appreciate Capricon and supports them every single time. On the other side, Capricon also obliges Scorpio’s request.

Aquarius: Both Scorpio and Aquarius are not a good match. Both have different views and traits. They often have arguments as one is emotional and the other one is not.

Pisces: Scorpio and Pisces are a good match. They are compatible with each other and respect the other person’s opinions and thoughts. Although sometimes they also have highs and lows. 

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general information and traits of zodiac signs. India TV does not vouch for its authenticity. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.)