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Horoscope Today, Feb 8: How will propose day be for Scorpio, Libra and other zodiac signs?

Horoscope Today Feb 8: Today is not just propose day but also Ashtami date of Magh Shukla Paksha. Today the Bhadra of heaven will remain till 7.22 pm. Apart from this, the fast of Shri Durgashtami will be observed. Will your partner pop the question to you or not, find out from Acharya Indu Prakash's astrological prediction of Tuesday.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: February 07, 2022 18:05 IST
Horoscope Today, Feb 8: How will propose day be for Scorpio, Libra and other zodiac signs?
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Horoscope Today, Feb 8: How will propose day be for Scorpio, Libra and other zodiac signs?


  • Know the astrological predictions on propose day 2022 based on your zodiac sign
  • Today there will be Shukla auspicious yoga till 5.06 pm
  • Today the fast of Shri Durgashtami will also be observed


Today your stalled work will be completed. Today is going to be a favourable day for the students. The day will be beneficial especially for the students associated with science. Relationships with parents will improve. Today, getting a big offer at work is likely to make money, which will make your financial side even stronger than before. You will plan a trip for entertainment with family members.


Today new sources of income will emerge. You will get the support of a senior officer in the office. There will be sweetness in married life. The day will be excellent for software engineers. You will get some profit opportunities. Today you will definitely get the fruits of your hard work. You will benefit from a new contact. Some people will like your generosity. Today your hard work will pay off.


Today friends will ask you for help with some work. Your qualities will be appreciated in the family. There is a possibility of increasing your business through some new technology. The production work will be completed at a fast pace. Today we will make a program to have dinner with our partner. Those who are associated with the field of music singing, will get a chance to perform in a big place. You will also get the benefit of child happiness. All will be well with you.


Today you need to be a little careful with the people around you in the office. Some people may try to spoil your work. Today it would be better to take advice of elders in any work. You will make some changes in your lifestyle. These changes will be beneficial for you. In business, you should stay away from opponents. You should do meditation to keep yourself fit. Sweetness will come in the relationship of lovemates. Today your health will remain better.


Today you will turn your attention toward some new work. Things are likely to improve in terms of career. Today you need to be a little cautious regarding health. You should avoid eating fast food. There will be a chance to connect with new people in business. Before making any big deal, you should proceed carefully. Will make a plan with the family about something. Today all your troubles will go away.


Today you will meet some people who will be helpful for your career. You will fulfil the wishes of the family members. You will get success in everything you do. You will make some new friends today. You will also get some new business proposals. Sweetness will remain in your relationship with your spouse. Today your positive thinking will prove beneficial for someone. Today you will get an opportunity to attend a wedding ceremony. The workspace will increase.


Today you will get new sources of income. Today you will get more profit in business than every day. In some cases, you will get support from people working together. Women will shop online today. You will try to make your life better. Your dress will be appreciated in the office. Elders should take care of their health. All your problems will be solved.


You will get some good news today. You will get some new work in the office, which you will be successful in completing. In the evening, you will spend a fun time with family members, which will make family life happy. Will plan to go to a religious place with parents. Today your plan will be successful. The day will be great for people doing administrative jobs. Will complete the pending tasks today. Working women will get encouragement from their seniors in the office.


Today, a journey made in connection with some work will be beneficial. Your prestige in society will increase. The arrival of a relative in the family will create an atmosphere of happiness in the house. Today you will meet some special people. You will think about accomplishing your goal. Your thought work will be completed. Your juniors in the office would like to learn from you. Those who are associated with the field of marketing, will get good clients today. Overall the day will be good.


Today some important business-related work is likely to be completed. You will learn something new from the people around you. The spouse's expectations can be fulfilled. You need to maintain confidentiality about your plans. Will go to his house today to meet friends. Your friendship will be even stronger. Today you will be a part of some social work. Your prestige in society will increase. Also, your health will be good.


Today you will spend a good time with your spouse. There will be full cooperation from people in the workplace. Today new avenues of income will open. Children will go to the temple with their parents. Today will be a better day for biology students of this zodiac. Today luck will be kind to you. You will suddenly get something that you have been looking for for a long time. Those who are associated with the business of tours and travel, their business will grow rapidly today.


Today you will get the support of brother and sister in some important work. Today you will enjoy some wonderful moments with your family members. You will feel yourself energized. New avenues for career advancement will open. Today you will be praised everywhere. Travels made in terms of business will be beneficial for you. Today your creative talent will come to the fore. Your financial condition will also be better. Today you will get full fruits of hard work.

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