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December 20, 2014

Timeline of Muzaffarnagar riots: eve-teasing incident led to murders, then riots

India TV national desk [ Updated 08 Sep 2013, 10:22:18 ]
Timeline of Muzaffarnagar riots: eve-teasing incident led to murders, then riots

New Delhi:  It was an eve-teasing incident that led to the murders of three youths, which later escalated into a major conflagration between two communities engulfing the town of Muzaffarnagar.

Following is the timeline of Muzaffarnagar violence:

August 27: In Kawal village, an eve-teasing incident led to the murders of Shah Nawaz, and soon followed by killings of two youths, Sachin and Gaurav.

Aug 28: A mob returning from the cremation ground indulges in arson.

Aug 29: Stoning between both sides. Women devotees molested near a place of worship.

Aug 30 - Huge mob assembles at a place of worship in Shaheed Chowk after Friday prayers.

Aug 31 - Nearly 40,000 people assemble at Nangla Mandoud  Panchayat. Mob attacs a family goig in a car on Khatima road, sets fire to their car.

Sept 1 - Police files FIRs against leaders who had spoken at meetings in Shahid Chowk and Nangla Mandoud. Affected family in Malikpura threatens self-immolation.

Sept 2 - Walls of places of worship broken in Sanjhak and Titavi. BJP calls Muzaffarnagar bandh.

Sept 3 - Case against MLA Sangeet Som for circulating fake video of Kawal incident. Violence in Shamli town.

Sept 4 - Sporadic violence in Muzaffarnagar.

Sept 5 - Mahabandh call given across Muzaffarnagar district.

Sept 6 - Bharatiya Kisan Union calls panchayat at Nangla Mandoud. Sit-in outside jail.

Sept 7 - People going to panchayat attacked. Firing from both sides in Muzaffarnagar town as stoning, arson go unabated. Army called in and town put under indefinite curfew.  10 killed, more than a score injured in violence.

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