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Mumbai Woman Commuter Booked For Bullying

Currently reading: Mumbai Woman Commuter Booked For Bullying
PTI [Updated:07 Nov 2009, 11:56:02]

The Government Railway Police on Thursday night  booked their first female train bully, well-built Sujata More, for bullying female co-passengers and battering one woman badly.

The fight took place on a Kalyan local.   Sujata More commutes regularly between Kalyan and CST where she works with housekeeping firm at Walkeshwar and has a window seat reserved in the ladies second class compartment.

Rituja Sanse, another regular commuter, said: "Sujata is a big bully and she cannot stand anyone crowding her or sitting too close to her, just yesterday she pushed an elderly lady and now this."

Sanse recalled, "The train was awfully crowded and somewhere between Dadar and Sion another regular commuter Jaya Nagle went and stood in the aisle, close to Sujata.

“Accidentally her foot brushed against her. Before Jaya could say anything Sujata began attacking her. There was a verbal altercation and then Sujata stamped hard on Jaya's foot and to our utter horror she twisted her arm and then broke her nail."

Other female commuters had to intervene and separate the two women. "Sujata was raging out of control," said Sanse. When the train halted at Thane the ladies who had physically restrained Sujata took her to the GRP and registered a complaint.

Since, the fight broke out close to Dadar the Thane GRP has transferred the case to Dadar police and at the time of going to press a case was being registered. Sujata More has been detained at Thane GRP.

Assistant police inspector Naseer Mullah said:  "The accused is not co-operating and is still railing. We are trying to record her statement, it is clear that she has hit the other commuter badly, when we asked she told us that the other woman was crowding her and that left her with no room to breath."

mumbai woman commuter booked for bullying- India Tv
mumbai woman commuter booked for bullying