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Lok Sabha Elections 2024: 'Modi govt to score hat-trick', says PM at Barabanki rally

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: PM Modi added that as the election process is progressing, I.N.D.I.A bloc has started collapsing like a pack of cards. Uttar Pradesh, which sends the maximum number of MPs, 80, to Parliament, will vote in all seven phases.

Edited By: Sheenu Sharma @20sheenu Barabanki Updated on: May 17, 2024 13:52 IST
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Image Source : VIDEO SCREENGRAB Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing poll rally in Barabanki.

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the poll rally in Uttar Pradesh's Barabanki today (May 17) amid the campaigning process of Lok Sabha Elections 2024. The PM will also address a series of public meetings in UP on Friday.

In his address to a public meeting in Uttar Pradesh's Barabanki, PM Modi said, "One Congress leader said that the people of Raebareli will elect the PM, 'ye sunte hi Samajwadi shehzade ka dil hi toot gya bas aansoon nahi nikle, lekin dil ke saare armaan beh gaye'."

"Modi government will score a hat-trick. As elections progress, I.N.D.I.A bloc people have started collapsing like a pack of cards," said PM Narendra Modi at a poll rally in Barabanki today.

"The Samajwadi prince (Akhilesh Yadav) has found refuge under a new aunt (Mamata Banerjee). This new aunt is in West Bengal. And this aunty has told INDIA bloc that I will support you but from outside," PM added. 

INDIA bloc members beginning to fall apart

"Today, on one hand you have BJP-led NDA alliance for the betterment of the country and on the other you have INDIA bloc to create disturbances. As the elections furthers, the INDIA bloc alliance members are beginning to fall apart," Narendra Modi added in Barabanki rally.  

Here are some top quotes of PM Modi's poll speech 

  • In new govt, I have to take many big decisions for poor, youth, women, farmers.
  • While BJP-NDA alliance dedicated to national interest, I.N.D.I.A bloc in fray to create instability in country.
  • As elections progress, I.N.D.I.A bloc people have started collapsing like a pack of cards.
  • Due to the One District One Product scheme of Yogi Ji, now I don't have to use much of my brain while I am going abroad in choosing gifts, I check the state website and take 5-6 things for gifts.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that all leaders of the INDIA bloc are daydreaming to become Prime Ministers. They have even left behind Mungeri Lal when it comes to daydreaming. Babua (Akhilesh) has found a new Bua from West Bengal who has assured them of outside support. They are already disintegrating and their sole purpose is to create disturbances,” PM Modi said while addressing a rally in Barabanki.
  • The Prime Minister said that the work of the INDIA bloc MPs would be to compete with each other in abusing Modi.
  • If you need an employee, you will look for one who has the ability. You will not employ one who can only abuse.
  • The Prime Minister said that he had come to seek the blessings of the people and he assured that he would repay the debt of love by working harder.
  • I am ready for a hat trick and we will work for all sections of society. He further said that if the Ram Mandir could be built after a struggle of 500 years, ‘it was because of the strength of your vote'.
  • Congress and SP first put Lord Ram in a tent and then said that a hospital or Dharamsala should be constructed there instead of the temple. I have come to know that Congress is preparing to overturn the Supreme Court verdict on the Ram Mandir and use a bulldozer over it. They should learn from Yogi Adityanath how to use the bulldozer judiciously,” he said.
  • The Prime Minister appealed to the people to ensure that deposits of the opposition members should be forfeited in the ongoing elections. He said that if the INDIA bloc is voted to power, it would strengthen its vote bank by taking away the reservation from SC/ST, Adivasis and OBCs and will give it to their voters as part of the appeasement policy.
  • The one who went to jail in the fodder scam is saying that their entire vote bank should get the benefit of reservation. When I try to expose their intentions, they blame me for polarising elections.

Public meetings in Uttar Pradesh

PM Modi will also hold public meetings in the Fatehpur and Hamirpur areas of UP today. 

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