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Year 2023 to witness unexpected events on THESE five dates; time traveller from 2858 claims

A self-proclaimed time traveller from 2858 has divided the internet after claiming that human bones will be discovered on Mars this year.

India TV Trending Desk Edited By: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: January 27, 2023 22:53 IST
Year 2023 to witness unexpected events on THESE dates
Image Source : FREEPIK Year 2023 to witness unexpected events on THESE dates

A social media user claimed that something extraordinary will occur in the year 2023 that no one could have predicted. He predicts that human skeletons will be discovered on Mars by the end of this year. The mysterious person, who claims to be from many years in the future, made stunning predictions for the current year on social media. According to the Daily Star, this man describes himself as a time traveller and claims to have travelled until the year 2858. This person's latest video claiming to be a time traveller is going viral. It's important to note that this person keeps posting such videos on Tiktok under the username "Darkness Time Travel." This person talks about everything. This individual predicts all future occurrences involving aliens and space. In the caption of the latest video, he has written, "ATTENTION! I am a real time traveller from the year 2858, remember these 5 dates to come in 2023."

These are those five dates: 

February 28: Everyone will have the same dream on this day. In this dream, he will see that the species of enemy aliens will capture the whole earth.

March 30: On this day, a plane will go missing through a wormhole and it will be 6 seconds for the passengers but that will be 6 years for the common people.

May 4: On this day, human bones will be found on the red planet, i.e. Mars. from which it will be known that humans first lived on Mars.

July 6: On this day, six humans will get superpowers from the excessive energy of the sun.

August 19: On this day scientists working on the secret plan of the government will open a portal in the Parallel Universe.

This video has been shared on Tiktok. People have had a variety of reactions to it. Some claim that all of this will occur, but we will be completely unaware. Meanwhile, a user stated that the predictions made by this tiktoker last year are yet to come true, and that everyone is still waiting for them to actually happen.

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