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Viral video: Women ring apartment bells, lock doors from outside in Mumbai | WATCH

Two women, seemingly intoxicated according to the person who shared the video, were seen ringing apartment bells and locking doors of the residents from outside in a Mumbai apartment. The video of the same has gone viral on social media.

Edited By: Ashesh Mallick @asheshmallick07 New Delhi Published on: January 30, 2024 11:35 IST
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Image Source : X/SHRESHT PODDAR Viral video

Viral video: CCTV footage showing two young women, seemingly intoxicated as per a user who shared the post on X, checking nameplates and regularly ringing doorbells of flats in a Mumbai apartment has gone viral on social media. The videos and pictures of the same were shared by Shrestht Poddar, an X user from Maharashtra, shared the footage of CCTV on the platform and detailed the incident that took place on January 28.

What does the CCTV footage show?

The women in the CCTV footage were seen checking nameplates and also trying to lock doors from the outside.

“2.30 am last night. 2 young, educated girls entered & recorded themselves trying to lock the doors & ring the bells of houses multiple times, in my building, which has mostly 55+ & senior residents, & a history of previous incidents. They knew CCTVs were present,” Shresht said in his X post.

“Our bldg is an old G+2 one. Last few years, our bldg & Juhu Scheme have had multiple robbery attempts, electrical fires & even murders in the vicinity. The building folk have had to run out into the compound in the middle of the night, multiple times,” he added.

He said that at 2.30 am, multiple doorbells “freaked my mum and me out”. CCTV had a memory issue so it was ‘offline’. No one could be seen from the windows.

“I fixed the CCTV in the morning. Surprisingly, there were 2 girls, seemingly drunk, spotting the CCTV, yet they proceed to go upstairs, check name plates, try & latch the doors from out, and continuously ring on doors,” he said.

He said that the residents were surprised as the women seemed unaware of the presence of security cameras, still they continued their acts brazenly.

"Normally, I would have ignored this. However, this girl is proudly recording herself despite acknowledging the cameras. I’m pretty sure they thought this was super cool," Shresht said.

He also shared two more videos of the CCTV showing the two women “acknowledging the CCTV cameras”.


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